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Start date: Jun 1, 2015, End date: May 31, 2017 PROJECT  FINISHED 

Since 2006, our school has been activating for the design and implementation of various European projects. These projects have a great affect to our students by creating and developing a modern educational and professional profile for them. Our school is continuously cooperating with hosting partners that either have specialized knowledge on specific educational topics, or cooperate with educational and working units who develop innovative objects which attract more and more professional groups but – on the other side – are poorly supported by the Greek Vocational Educational system. All these years we have implemented many mobility projects, covering a wide range of training needs and we have stabilized a permanent cooperation with hosting organizations related in education and training in Europe. The last two years, our school has carried out two mobility projects based on the ECVET protocol – as well as for this project – which has developed our knowledge, our experience and abilities in managing such a course. The capstone of these procedures is the recognition and award of our two projects “TRAINING AGRICULTURE IN NETHERLANDS” and “PROFFESIONAL SKILLS DEVELOPMENT IN EUROPE” by the Greek National Agency IKY, including them in the “IKY’s Best Practices Guide” for the years 2011 and 2013. The project intents in a practical period for students in initial vocational training, by placing them in various organizations in Seville and Valencia. The project will be implemented in two flows. Each flow will last 21 days. The 1st flow will be consisted of 8 students who study agriculture, accompanied by 1 teacher and will be trained in citrus cultivation. In the 2nd flow there will be 8 students who study ITC, accompanied by 1 teacher and will be trained in management and support of an e – commerce platform. The 2 flows will take place: Flow A: April 2016 Flow B: September 2016 The main objective of the project is to offer innovative knowledge and experience in citrus cultivation and e – commerce. The plan will also help the participants: • to know the structure and organization of VET in Spain as well as its connection with the labour market • to acquire competences and skills that enable access to the labour market • to enhance their language and social competences in order to build a modern professional profile, through a vocational and personal development. The project will be implemented as a combination of internships in organizations by 75% and technical visits to professional and educational organizations by 25%. The plan incorporates elements of the ECVET protocol. According to this protocol there will be a mutual agreement of the two partners with the contracts of the Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) and the Learning Agreement (LA) providing the assessment of the participants as an achievement of specific learning outcomes.The sending organization will prepare an assessment grid for each sector that will act as a tool for the assessment of specific learning outcomes. In this grid the learning outcomes will be categorized in units and subunits in respect to the ECVET methodology. The hosting partners will then proceed to the evaluation of the learning outcomes of the participants using these grids. Moreover, at the end of the placement, the participants will fill a questionnaire for the evaluation of the whole project. This program is expected to have a positive impact at various cases. Our school will gain further experience in designing, organization and management of IVT programs by adapting its practices to modern educational needs. It will also enhance its ability in the management of the ECVET system. The results of the project are also expected to have deep impact in the local society by developing an effective plan about the dissemination of the project’s results. This plan will be easily accessible to several groups which have an interest in particular topics and methodology. The citrus cultivation in Greece is facing many problems due to the limited spread-out of modern knowledge and techniques to all the people involved. Also, the e – commerce fails to overcome some operating and management obstacles which do not exist in other European countries. For a wider and more effective dissemination we will rely on modern communication forms, like social networking sites, whose acceptance seems to be rapidly increased in every age and every social group. The project is also expected to enhance the positive impact of the school in the local community. Finally it will enhance transparency and the transnational mobility as well the ability to create the background for a total European cooperation in education and training.
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