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Competence and talent assessment in SMEs

Recognition of needs of target groups is based on long lasting and deeply rooted into practice experience of the project partners and their nets of cooperation. Taking into account that modern structures are built around a horizontal processes (projects) and an essential element of the structure is a team, there is a need to develop skills and competencies of the members of the project teams. A project team seems to be the primary unit of companies and it should possess all required competences to perform successfully. Diagnosis of the team roles provides valuable information about the specific functioning of each individual in the team as well as the entire team, which is a mosaic of different team roles and responsibilities (natural predispositions). ComTal project was based on the results of the M-ASTRA project and CECE project implemented under the LdV. General aim of the ComTal project was to increase the competitiveness of SMEs by introduction of the talent management and upgrading key competences of employees (members of the project teams). The 3P approach was used in transfer of know-how: PRODUCT (competence training materials + ICT competence assessment tool) - PLACEMENT (adaptation to other countries, testing) - PERFORMANCE (development of capacity of coaches and career consultants licensed to work with the products). ComTal project was focused on adaptation, adjustment and implementation of competence assessment tool developed in the M-ASTRA project and training materials to teach/improve generic competences developed in the CECE project in new countries and towards similar and new target groups. Direct link between competence and talent assessment and a training plan tailored up to the needs of the tested individual are the main innovative asset of the M-ASTRA project that was one of the main subjects of transfer. Target groups of COMTRAIN project were employees and trainers/coaches. Elaboration of competence and talent assessment tool enables to recognize and measure key competences and reveal the potential of employee. The results of training need assessment helps in defining individual training plan. The application of innovative ComTal tool helps employees to have better view on their competences in relation to the role and function in the company and project team. Moreover, the application of innovative training materials to teach/improve generic competences helps them to complete crucial generic competences in relation to a function in company, to achieve success. It should result in improvement of SME competitiveness. The project partnership consisted of 6 organizations coming from 5 EU countries.

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