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The problem that Comp.Card has to face is the non recognition of competences acquired in contexts different from the formal one by workers who want to re-qualify themselves within training / education paths or enter the labor market or just valorize their professional path.A common problem for the Comp.Card partner countries of origin concerns the progressive increase in weakness situations caused by demographic and socio-economic changes and therefore the promotion of personal autonomy stands for one of the main challenges in developed country policies: this requires answers, supported by public powers, aimed at providing active policy tools that help employment and citizen mobility, make easy lifelong learning during whole the life and social cohesion paying particular attention to those who do not see their professional qualification recognized.Moreover, demographic changes caused by the increased mobility promoted by globalization and widening of the European Union, represent a problem shared with partners who need transparency and readability among countries and systems concerning competence certification by means of common tools and standards to guarantee the citizen right both to mobility and recognition of their professional identity, also facing inevitable linguistic problems.The project aims at promoting the worker right to cross the different geographic areas and the different production systems during whole their life , without spreading acquisitions and competences representing the individual professional identity and the right to capitalize and spend their professional acquisitions. This, consequently, turns into the possibility for each system to make its choices compatible with those adopted by other systems , since this condition represents the indispensable prerequirement to safeguard such right The present setting, where the individual is placed at the heart of the Education- Training and Work systems, introduces elements of strong discontinuity with the past.
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