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Comparing CLIL methodologies with other teaching strategies

The aim of the project is to increase the teachers' awareness of sharing and comparing traditional and innovative teaching strategies used in their own country with particular emphasis on CLIL or other bilingual methods. The main structure of the project is:1. Analysis of the methodologies normally used in each country through the presentation of some video recorded examples of lessons in the native language. By comparing and analysing the videos, we aim to identify certain parameters and indicators to evaluate each methodology from the teachers' point of view.2. Analysis of the innovative methodologies and the best practices actually used in our countries through the presentation of some video recorded examples of lessons in English, as L2, using CLIL or other bilingual methods. The identification of other parameters and their testing will allow the development of a teachers' evaluation grid.3. Experimentation with teaching methodologies in some countries, involving the students in the analysis and the evaluation, and facilitate the development of a student’s evaluation grid.4. Enlarge the number of students and teachers involved, with questionnaires and interviews. 5. Disseminate the materials and conclusions throughout each partner school, other interested schools of each district/country, and through the wider educational community.The analysis of the various methodologies will be based on video lessons, recorded in each country, and discussed in the common meetings. Moreover, this project aims to develop common evaluation and assessment grids to establish and estimate some parameters of the teaching and learning processes that are to be monitored. The students are integral to this project as the main beneficiaries. Therefore, there will be two common evaluation grids: one for the teachers' and one for the students' assessments of the used methods.

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