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Comparing and Contrasting EU Migration and Border Policies - Are they Exemplary?
Start date: Sep 1, 2016, End date: Aug 31, 2019 PROJECT  ONGOING 

The current migration crisis is forcing Europeans to face past and future issues; and the decisions they are taking will have long standing impact on the EU. Our network hypothesizes that answers to the crisis are shaping Europe’s borders, migration and related security policies in exemplary manners and should be studied in comparative perspective and context. To conduct this innovative and forward looking research, our four partners in Canada, France, Japan and Turkey will leverage their tremendous expertise to compare EU’s evolving border, migration and security policies. Activities are aimed at engaging graduate students, young researchers and professors at each partner institution along with the policy makers in each community. The network will collectively develop a database of border, migration and related security policies, so that comparison of EU with the rest of the world is systematic and possible. Today, despite the growing body of work across institutions on border and migration studies, there are very few attempts to network these efforts, particularly when it comes to innovation in data sharing, management, and dissemination. We will develop an Open Online course to teach how the EU border, migration and related security policies evolved during the migration crisis. This online course will build on a past initiative which saw over 100 students per year, from over 25 countries engage in an open multi-disciplinary course. We will organize four workshops to meet with policy makers in each country and organize one international conference. Driving our agenda will be an iterative process with policy-makers so as to ensure that our research both reaches and is influenced by the current policy climate in our respective countries.
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