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Community of Entrepreneurs - Action Learning Program
Start date: Mar 1, 2015, End date: Sep 30, 2016 PROJECT  FINISHED 

The Community of Entrepreneurs Action Learning Program (CoEALP) project is building an action learning practice to create a learning space in communities for educational institutions and their students to build community entreprises in collaboration with disadvantaged communities and their youth. These Local Project teams run a pilot in 5 countries, exchanging learnings, adding existing experiences and tools, to collectively build an innovative and strong curriculum to be available and spread in current and new countries. With the Community of Entrepreneurs Action Learning Program (CoEALP) we aim to build a network, a 'good practice' and a tool, based on a succesfull Brazilian methodology (The oasis game), to have young learners, learning institutes and communities build an entrepreneurial learning space together. For young learners as well as underprivileged youth finding entrepreneurial and collective answers to economic and social challenges is a key-skill and learning-experiences for a more secure and sustainable future. We see that Community entrepreneurship is a powerful solution and experience for that. The CoEALP Project brings together a diverse range of organisations from Holland, Belgium, Germany, Spain, Brazil and the UK. We have created a balanced portfolio of experience, application and methods, including a business school (edventure Froome), specialist in working in disadvantaged communities and education for community mobilization (Elos Nederland, Kiribil Sarrea), specialists in social enterprising and environmental education (Ideenhoch3, altekio) as well as working with students of higher education (act4Change). With the CoEALP project the partners deepen our collective experiences and effort in five countries and bridge this best practice to formal learning structures and organization. During and after the program these institutes can use the CoEALP pedagogy and curriculum to offer students and challenged youth the opportunity for holistic and action based learning experiences. The curriculum, toolkit and the learnings of the pilot will be available and downloadable from the projectwebsite and in the divulgation phase we aim to have at minimum two new countries and institutions adopt the model. Program summary In the preparation phase participants + the 2 local stakeholders come together at training of trainers for an oasis communidade emprendedores program, an exchange of methods, training in monitoring and evaluation and collectively develop a clear project implementation path in local context. During the follow up period the partners start building the online learning space and partners apply the current knowledge in the five different countries where the kick-off of a local CoEALP-inspired program will take place simultaneously. A 2nd training at Edventure Frome will focus on the transfer of pedagogy for longer term training programs in community context, focussed on students with the will to build social entreprises, followed by mid-term meeting with all partners, with online participation of Brazilian partner to check progress, harvest mid-term learnings, build first proto-type framework for future CoEALP program. After a 3rd training module for building of cooperations as a legal framework for collective community entreprises, during the third transnational meeting, all partners and invited stakeholders have an immerssion taking the most important lessons from the program so far to finalize the pedagogical basis for the CoELP-program and design the first parts of the intellectual output. Partners collectively organize a workshop program as part of the yearly organized European Oasis Gathering check ( for more information of this years program. This will be the main spreading and releasing moment for the CoEALP program where we invite professionals and potential replicators from other countries. After that all partners host a Local dissemination event to find new partners for application and to launch their own next module.

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