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Community health Management to Enhance Behaviour

In most European countries, health and welfare are unequally distributed. At the sametime, knowledge about good health behaviour has never been better. One problem isthat official health messages (including food information), do hardly reach people in theirnormal course of life. Especially those who are deprived have a lack of information andhave an unhealthy lifestyle. A healthy lifestyle, the way it is defined in the projectCHANCE, means at first adequate physical activity, good nutrition, moving and housing.But it also refers to the social resources of a local community which promotes a healthylifestyle.The project is based on the hypothesis that the local community in which one livesinfluences the knowledge about a healthy lifestyle and its implementation in everydaylife. Both can be facilitated and enhanced by means of community health management.The project aims are:-Development of a local community-related analysis instrument and testing of itscapability by applying it in different European countries and cultures to determine theresources of a local community, the perception of health messages, people’s attitude tohealth, and the specific requirement of interventions of health information.-Implementation and evaluation of several methods for health education and consumereducation tailored to the specific needs of the local community.-The potentials of a Community Health Management will be tested, compared andpromoted, paying attention to the cultural characteristics.The above mentioned aims will be completed in one local community of each country toidentify best practice in conveying information about healthy lifestyle and in initiatingCommunity Health Management as a means of health promotion. The project targets inparticular deprived groups, namely older singles and migrants.

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