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Communities and Families Tackling Addiction (CAFTA)
Start date: Feb 28, 2011, End date: Sep 29, 2014 PROJECT  FINISHED 

All partner areas covered by the CAFTA project have a history of drug-related problems, often related to their coastal location - either as a commercial shipping port or a sea-side tourist resort. The CAFTA project aims to create a cross-border network bringing together professionals, families, and communities who suffer the impacts of drug addiction, from Calais, Rotterdam and Brighton & Hove. This “Platform for addicts” will allow partners to share best-practice in a cross-border environment in order to up-skill their workforce, improve young people’s awareness of drugs and to support families to better deal with a substance misuser and facilitate this person’s recovery. At the core of the CAFTA project is the empowerment of families and communities, using them as a key resource to tackle addiction. Expected Results: What are the key results of the project?'Activity 1:- 10 local networks- 3 local working groups- 3 local websites- 6 conferences- 6 network meetings- 3 training programmes- 240 professionals trained- 3 reports produced for young people- 4 education packs for young people. In Rotterdam - aimed at 20,000 young people- 4 short-term staff exchangesActivity 2:- 3 jointly designed initiatives & training programmes- 64 family members receive enhanced training- 3 focus groups to provide additional qualitative insightsActivity 3:- 3 Community programmes- 24 CRJ/CC sessions- 48 residents pleased & consider their case resolved- 24 young people take part in reparation & avoid criminal justice system- 3 community engagement programmes & 2 piloted in UK & NL- 16 street level audits delivered in UK- 240-320 residents to take part in UK programme, and 50% to report an improvement in drug or alcohol issues in their area- 100-200 residents to take part in pilot programme in RotterdamAre all partners and territories benefitting from the results?Target groups and beneficiaries:These include health agencies, police, local authorities, housing services, criminal justice, social work and charities, families/ carers/communities including young people who are affected by another’s substance misuse or addiction. Communities experiencing minor criminal behaviour or damage as a result of drug & alcohol misuse, young people taking part in minor criminal behaviour or damage as a result of drug & alcohol misuse, services dealing with drug and alcohol issues, anti-social behaviour, or crime, residents who wish to become more involved in their community, all residents of communities targeted by engagement pilots, services that require community involvement to feed into their work, local professional stakeholders and services, individuals with drug and alcohol or addiction issues, local population of the 3 areas, local and national policy makers, stakeholders in all 2 Seas areas both inside and outside the projectWhat are the effects / outcomes for the territories involved?Specific project outcomes are currently being developed alongside the activities.

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  • 2007 - 2013 2 SEAS (FR-UK-BE-NL)
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