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Communicaton skills and Traineeship in a Global world
Start date: Jun 1, 2015, End date: May 31, 2017 PROJECT  FINISHED 

Participants in the project are Aalborg Technical College (AATG) and TWIN-UK, a British partner organization, as well as a number of British companies. The project aims to strengthen HTX students' cultural, social and language skills in an international context and ensure the development of HTX-training and professional profile. The development and implementation of this project is a continuation of previous successful work with international internships for HTX students and an important part of AATG's Globalization strategy and strategy for interacting with business and companies. The project is part of a general internationalization effort in upper secondary vocational schools. The project's target is study lines in which technology, communications / IT or English are majors. The students participate in a 3 or 4 week traineeship in London, England, as part of their study course in the second or third year. London is interesting because of the innovative and inspiring professional environment within Information Technology, Design, Technology and Communication and offers a new and inspiring approach to the subject's traditions and learning environments, as well as the linguistic level of students. English is the only foreign language which is actually taught at the technical college. All students must do an academic assignment during their internship. The objectives for the students is: - That they develop their professional, intercultural and personal skills in such a way that they can be part of a globalized labor- and educational market later in their education. - That students are familiar with and gain an understanding of the requirements for the individual working in a global market. - To students upon return can provide new and innovative approaches to subjects taught at AATG. At the same time the mobility experience include a self-evaluation plan that involves each student during the stay, so that the student can achieve the objectives of personal competency in SO (study area). The result of the mobility experience is therefore aimed at several levels: vocational and academic development and results, practical experience and professional knowledge, personal, linguistic and intercultural skills of the student and fulfillment of the College's internalization strategy. The goal is to ensure the quality of training and practice experience and anchor new international approaches to learning environments in the long term by taking home new knowledge, methods and inspiration from the global world. It also seeks to encourage more young people to subsequently choose an international education and work and desire to acquire modern languages and achieve intercultural understanding. Europass Mobility Certificate will be issued for students at end of their training.

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