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Communication Bridges for Young People
Start date: Sep 22, 2016, End date: Sep 21, 2017 PROJECT  FINISHED 

The aim of the program "Communication Bridges for Young People" is the development of a viable European Youth Network consisting initially of eight (8) civil society organizations whose members will share the same dexterities in cutting-edge (information and communication) technologies. In this context an eight day intensive workshop has been planned to be organized in Athens. The participants will have the opportunity to develop and reinforce their communication skills necessary for the establishment, operation and sustainability of the network, to enrich their knowledge in social media techniques which will facilitate and consolidate future collaborations in common projects. They participants will then act as incubators in the transfer of know-how in communication techniques to the members of their organizations. The network will use innovative information and communication technologies to ensure the sustainability of its member organizations and to enhance the quality of the services offered at both levels. The project has the following specific objectives: training is intended to form the basis of collective and lifelong training process in communication and networking technologies for the members of the involved organizations in order to ensure the viability of the synergy of the participating organizations, to enhance the quality of services to citizens and to disseminate the outcomes of their work, to attract new members. A further objective is to create economies of scale in the implementation of new network projects which will be made possible by duplication avoidance, cost reduction and added value in the planning and implementation of common projects using distance operation techniques.The program will involve five (5) young people, including the team leader, from 8 different countries (Greece, Turkey, Italy, Croatia, Bulgaria, Poland, Slovakia and Egypt) who will be the initial European youth network members. During the preparation phase of the project, a two day planning meeting (APV) will take place, in which all stages of preparation and implementation of the project will be thoroughly analyzed and distinct roles will be allocated to all participating organizations. The main program will take place in Athens, will last 8 days and will focus on participatory methods of organizational learning. Emphasis will be given to members` expectations and to the expected outcomes for each organization. Participants will be involved in the understanding of operational procedures and the sustainability of the European network through the use of new communication techniques. In the context of the workshop, they will participate in various thematic sessions such as: "New Information and Communication Technologies as a Networking Tool", "Allocation of roles in the context of a communication guide (Road Map) through individual and team work and through presentations and feedback processes", "Role of participants as multipliers (Incubators) of communication skills to their organizations in real time via Skype or ooVoo sessions". Fieldwork research and practical examples of existing communication tools will be examined. In addition, there will be a simulation process, using the above methodologies and tools in the design context of a virtual project in real time to fully exploit the collective intelligence of the wider group. Moreover, a mid-term and a final evaluation of the program will be conducted through open discussion and feedback processes including improvement proposals for future similar projects. On the completion of the program Youth Pass Certificates will be awarded. Back home, the trained participants will in their turn, pass the know how to other members of their organizations.The impact of the project is significant and directly related to the produced know how. Not only the participants in the program but all the members of the participating organizations will become familiarized with all the key parameters of planning, organization, function and sustainability of their organization in the context of the network’s operation. In addition, synergy and complementarity of youth organizations on “good practices” in communication skills will be promoted. The acquired knowledge will be disseminated and multiplied at local, regional, national and European level through the expected expansion of the proposed network. At local level this know-how will be transmitted and made available to new interested parties which wish to become members through the outputs of the program such as tools, websites, webinars, etc. Social media will be extensively used to diffuse information Europewide and to invite new members to join the network. The operation of the network on the basis of new communication and information technologies is expected to open up new horizons of collaboration not only in the countries represented by the original members of the network, but also to other countries where the network can

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