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Communication bridge Across Sport and Theatre

This project arouse from the desire of developing inside pupils healthy life habits both physical and also spiritual. We want to help them understand the importance of a healthy life style by practising sports and especially our traditional sport thus developing the love for traditions and arts. Because sports and theatre are means to develop a strong and healthy personality, to learn how to work in a team, these are two ways of pointing out creativity and sensitivity, two ways of helping us to develop different attitudes and abilities, two ways that require communicating skills, we choose to bridge them together virtually. By the developed activities( linguistic training of the pupils, teachers, by learning the traditional sport “ oina”, by presenting the sport world by theatre, creating a virtual bridge between the two partner schools, creating and getting through the virtual route between Romania and Poland and by discovering the touristic and cultural objectives from all the countries belonging to the common route) we target the development inside pupils of the taste for knowledge, of the desire to practise sports both for physical and mental health, to acquire as much information as possible, to discover the beauty of the traditions of both countries, to find similarities and differences, combining work with pleasure: Sports and Theatre. The final products are structured in two ways: linguistic and practical: a linguistic guide containing terminology of sport and theatre, the webpage in Romanian and Polish which will show the touristic bridge. All the products will be in Polish and Romanian through English which is the language of the project. Practical products: a match of “oina” performed by mixed teams and a theatre play which reflects the students’ life through sport activities.

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