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Communication and Interaction with a Pedagogical Toolkit

Through a partnership with a school in France, in Italy and Sweden it was to work with students to develop a pedagogical toolkit for students to use in situations with young children in another European country. These students, in situations will choose different tools and activities in the suitcase that best suit the children that they have to support without being disturbed in their educational choices by a possible lack of proficiency in the language of the country where they are hosted.In France, a class of 24 students being trained in health and social care (vocational training in 2 years: BEP) worked on the project in different subjects: French, Mathematic, Sciences, English, Sports, Animation, Nutrition, Meals, Arts, Biology.In Italy, has students and teachers develop pedagogical toolkits in class.In Sweden, has a mumber of students from the Child- and recreationprogram - hearing, hearing impaired and deaf students - been involved in the project. The students have been working interdisciplinary in courses like Mathematics, Sign Language, Swedish, English, Creativity, sports, Cultural history, Science etc.During the project, the 3 countries agreed on set of activit ies and tools to build. In each of the three countries, the achievement was worked during class. At each of the meetings between participants, students and teachers presented, tested the activities created and fixed the working guidelines for the next meeting.3 european pedagogical toolkits were realised with all the activities.
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