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COMMPACT - Language ommunity and training material for Polish and Czech language with focus on business topics

The project COMMPACT, based on the previous project "SME-in-Dialogue" (duration 2003-2006) , has made continously several progressive improvements and adjustments with regard to methodology and didactics to provide state-of the-art blended learning offers and training materials. The old fashioned straight learning scenario is replaced by new flexible sate-of the-art learning forms and courseware. This will be enabled by use of the brand new technology in blended learning scenarios called learning objects. A learning object is the smallest learning unit comprising all possible forms of multi-media elements. These elements are stored in a data base on disposal and can be used on the demand. All objects have the same tagging of meta data which enables a refined search for determined elements to built-up customized courses according to the needs of the learner. The search for learning objects is supported by an intelligent search algorithm (catalogue of meta data). Courses can be built on-the-fly.

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