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Common Strategy network for Spatial Development and Implementation (CONSPACE)
Start date: Mar 31, 2003, End date: Jun 29, 2006 PROJECT  FINISHED 

The region involved faces a pre-accession situation and is geographically as well as functionally a interface to future EU enlargement. The region is characterised by highly diversified types of landscape and physical structures with a vast natural and cultural heritage. The system of central places is without a dominating agglomeration. The net of the north/south and east/west TEN- & TINA-corridors creates a strong impact on accessibility (sea, rail road, air), economic location development, economic exchange and future prosperity. There has been a tradition of exchanging information within the region in the framework of the ALPS-ADRIATIC working community and the previous period of INTERREG. However, there are still existing quite different administrative structures, planning systems, planning philosophies and systems of basic information needed for regional development issues. The resulting inconsistencies have a negative impact on a more balanced development of the region. Achievements: The project partners used a set of core planning data and indicators based on compatible systems of GIS (Geographic Information Systems). These databases have been used as a tool for analysing transnational regional development indicators, for identifying the mutual impact of the accession process on both sides and for activities in environmental protection. The existing development plans and programs and their planning procedures and approaches have been analysed and documented; the useful elements for the development of a transnational development strategy have been identified with a specific focus on the polycentric structure of the region, its natural and cultural heritage, and on the interconnection of its regional transport networks to the TEN and TINA corridors. The list of tasks contains follow-up activities at different administrative or legal levels to secure a sustainable framework for common actions and recommendations for policy actions in the future. The strategy will include goals and visions, an identification of resources and stakeholders, a definition of development opportunities with special emphasis on innovation and structural change, a timetable for actions and a set of strategic measures of implementation. Furthermore, CONSPACE achieved that: - Administrative bodies exchange information on regional strategies, - Public institutions lobby in their regions for an integrated spatial development, - Partnership links are being established, - Common planning guidelines, plans or land use plans have been developed, - Strategies and perspectives for CADSES sub-regions have been created, - Participating regions are aware of supply/demand inconsistencies and act against it, A considerable number of partners have improved their legislative setting for better cooperation, are promoting compatibility of their databases and information instruments, and have made use of project results in their urban development and restructuring plans.
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  • 2000 - 2006 Cadses
  • Project on KEEP Platform

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