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Common Places -Young and Active Citizenship
Start date: Aug 3, 2015, End date: Feb 2, 2016 PROJECT  FINISHED 

The project "Common Places: Young and Active Citizenship" was realized in Corleone, where, in the planning phase, a total had been observed lack of opportunities for young people, a growing feeling of existential fragility and a strong distrust of politics and institutions. With the realization of a path of education to Active Citizenship it has pursued an ambitious goal to contribute to the development of the culture of legality within an area that for years has been the epicenter of the Mafia. The project already from the presentation stage had involved the young people of Corleone in the knowledge that the real battle to overcome the feeling "mafia" is played in the possibility of ensuring the aggregation space and reflection to address their anxieties, fears and insecurities. Here is the importance of "Common Places", or common spaces within which to design alternative avenues to build a future "other" with respect to a difficult present and a past that is possible to define "overwhelmingly". The project intervention has contributed to this process through laboratory activities on specific themes (human rights, cultural identity, legality, youth situation, etc.) that stimulated the volunteers in comparison, deepening, reflection and researching possible solutions. The project is set up as a "laboratory" of aggregation, protagonism and Active Citizenship, facilitating the meeting of 24 young beneficiaries (between 18 to 30 years) from Italy, Lithuania, Serbia, Turkey on a path of socialization, growth , training and entrepreneurial spirit ethics. In this way we tried to translate the initial needs in achievements, namely providing non-formal education contexts and moments of aggregation exchange with young people from other countries faces internalization of rules (rights and duties) for the development of a conscience civil and democratic. The path also allowed to "approximate" the young people to the area, through activities that raised awareness of the "Common Places" of Corleone, the reality that revolves around you, and the changes that have crossed in the last years. Young people have got to spend a week in exchange of goods confiscated to the Corleone mafia (House Caponnetto, Laboratory of Legality, etc.) that today, for the Corleone territory, they represent one of the few relevant resources not only for the but especially for the economic development of social redemption function. Inside, young people are known (Group Building), explored the theme of human rights, the respect for rules and legality (Village of Rights), were compared on diversity and equality of peoples, on the migration phenomenon , on the situation of young people at local and European level (Something in Common), they have interjected with local institutions offering possible solutions (Something in Common), visited the memorial sites meeting the protagonists of the fight against the Mafia (live Common places). Through the project we tried to understand more points of view the same arguments, having a different perspective of each participant. Diversity of points of view that in fact have proved complementary to a more comprehensive, detailed, on the concept of legality, on the rights and violations arising from a criminal act in order to agree on a common action to develop an optimal social context growth and prosperity for the community. We think we have fully achieved all the set goals, because, through non-formal activities, the thematic itineraries and experiential workshops was promoted a culture of legality and of Active Citizenship; They were created concrete situations in which young people have experienced occasions of Active Citizenship for the acquisition of greater awareness and a concrete commitment; It has been strengthened young people's awareness that diversity is an asset and an opportunity for discussion and knowledge; It was offered the opportunity of active participation for a sustainable development of the territory, starting from the respect of resources and reversing the route to a critical consumption; We were offered the opportunity to develop specific skills expendable activating the resources inherent in the territory; He was returned young participants a sense of trust in the institutions; It has facilitated entry of young people into the world of volunteering circuit; It has been increasing the number of associations in the area who know Erasmus+.
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