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Common life through the eyes of the youth: Young people for the creation of a bicommunal film-docum
Start date: Oct 15, 2010,

The activity promoted the involvement of young Greek and Turkish Cypriots in the collaboration in order to create a bi-communal film documentary.The film has been the outcome of a 2 month research on the issue of bi-communal co-existence of Greek and Turkish Cypriots in the island before 1974 with the aim to put forth the common elements in the culture, everyday life, and struggles at the workplace and so on. At the same time, the film has included real interviews with elderly people, personalities of various sectors of society who have talked about their experiences of common life, co-existence, common traditions, history and struggles. This task was carried out by the young people who have formed the research committee of the project and who have been responsible for the overall coordination and realisation of the project. After the completion, editing and production of the documentary a special event was organised for the presentation and promotion of the film not only among the members of the Organisation but also in the wider society.We are sure that this film will bring the two communities closer together in an attempt to recover lost information from archives and living sources so as to create a historic piece of data that may be employed in the future by researchers. At the same time, the process toward the creation of this documentary has been a significant effort in the cooperation among young people from both communities and the elimination of any discrimination or prejudice that may exist among Greek and Turkish Cypriots; especially those who have not experienced common life and co-existence.The project has lasted approximately three months (mid October, November, December January) and by the end of the research committee (around 30 persons) presented the film-documentary about the co-existence among the two communities in a special event designed for this purpose.
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