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Common history and culture of two countries
Start date: Oct 31, 2012, End date: Oct 29, 2013 PROJECT  FINISHED 

Significant objects of the cultural heritage recalling common cultural and historical past of the two countries located in the cross border region of Lithuania and Belarus are neglected and practically no longer used for tourism purposes. The exposition installed in the Bareikiškės museum is of poor quality, old-fashioned and no longer attractive to the young generation. Valuable Syrokomla's books published before 1900 are extremely damaged and need restoration. The merits of the prominent figures of the region will soon be forgotten. Due to the deficiency in promotion, worth visiting tourism objects get little attention from the public. There is completely no common cross-border region literature material, e. g. no tourist guides, no biographies of the historical figures, no cultural heritage reference books. Project aims to create and stimulate the development of the tourist public infrastructure establishing conditions for creation of private sector initiative in the borderline region. To promote and advertise available tourism objects and products in the cross-border region. Expected Results: Main results: installation of the modernized exposition in Bareikiškės and Oshmyany museums will make the museum more attractive and more popular to the visitors. Together with the planned publications it will increase visitors' knowledge about the cross-border region, prominent historical and cultural figures of the region. The creation of common cross-border route 'The Historical Route of the Oshmyany Highland' as well as the virtual version of the route will contribute to the growth of the interest and knowledge of the tourists about the region, tourism objects and products. The project will help to improve the quality of the festival 'Ghosts of the Holshany Castle' which will attract more people who will improve their knowledge about the history of the location and historical events. 'Spring of Poetry' event will enlarge participants' knowledge about poetry and poets of the region and they will get acquainted with the works of the contemporary poets of the region. The project will organise a theatric performance in Belarus, produce the catalogue 'Craftsmen of the Cross-Border Region', collection of postcards 'Treasures of the Oshmyany Museum', the book 'Historical and Contemporary Route of Literature in the Cross-Border Region'. A research trip will be organised exploring cross-border region tourism objects in Lithuania and Belarus. A virtual 3D tourist route and maps of the tourist objects will be made.

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  • 2007 - 2013 Latvia-Lithuania-Belarus ENPI CBC
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