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Common Constitution and Language Learning

The Bologna process has resulted in major changes in teacher training. Variousconcepts are being discussed and investigated in individual countries. Benchmarkingand exchanges via the intended network should result in a higher quality of teachertraining, enabling participating establishments to reflect on and adjust their ownsolutions by means of transnational exchanges. This particularly affects politicaleducation, which is extremely varied in its organisation and delivery.The reluctance of young citizens to be part of Europe is well documented in socialscientific studies. Analyses show that young people are not aware of the successful“Project Europe” on account of a mediation issue. Project participants will therefore bedeveloping and testing innovative methods and student-orientated materials to givestudents an understanding of Europe. The key multipliers in this process are theteachers. The network particularly reaches teachers in initial training but also targets thefurther development of teaching staff. The network has chosen to focus on the subject of“Controversy surrounding the European Constitution”, as this focus reflects allfundamental aspects of European politics. It is left to individual countries to decide whichcontroversial Constitutional issues they wish to focus on. Discussion within the networkwill be lively, as participants from states with varying amounts of experience of Europeand with different perspectives on European policies are involved.In the context of European orientation, the learning effect will be further increased if thesubject concerned is also covered in foreign language tuition. The network works withthe CLIL approach (Content Language integrated Learning) in both German and Englishforeign language tuition. The teaching methods for this approach are developeddifferently in each individual country. An intensive exchange via the network ensuresadded value for participants. The participating institutions' involvement in both teachertraining and practising schools ensures methods are tested and evaluated internally.
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