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Within the framework of the Grundtvig project two organizations: Kasif Youth and Sport Club Association and New Family Association will exchange 5 volunteers each for the period of four weeks each volunteer. The project will last two years starting from 01/08/2009 up to 31/07/2011. Volunteers age will vary from 50 to 60 years old. They will work for benefit of children from disadvantaged societies. Volunteers will be sent in two rounds. The exchange won’t be parallel, first one organization sent their volunteers, then the second one. In this way senior volunteers can have longer international contact, get to know each other and integrate better.Volunteers will be people who are qualified and without this programme they wouldn’t be able to participate in international exchange. So while the volunteers improve their skills during the project, they will also teach what they know to the others. After the volunteers return they will work in sending organization to promote senior volunteering and openness to other cultures.For New Association Family the project will be the beginning of international activity and for Kasif it will be an alternative way of social influence in terms of creating a positive approach to EU in the process of applying for membership in EU.
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