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"COMMITED WITH THE FUTURE - Leadership in Youth Organisations of Rural Ares"
Start date: Aug 10, 2015, End date: Feb 9, 2016 PROJECT  FINISHED 

The training course "Commited with the Future - Leadership in youth organisations of rural areas", got consistency by the local, national and internacional recognition of a lack of preparation that exists in the leadership of youth organisations out of urban areas. We think the associativism can be a way of social changing , but to do that mission has to be updated and motivated. In our application we have several objectives: - Motivate a new focus in the priorities of the local youth leaders in rural areas; - Reinforce competencies for leadership; -Give a bigger highlight to non formal education; - Spread of the Erasmus+, - Increase initiative, criativity and entrepreneurship; - Fight cultural asymmetries. During the Training we'll use methods and technics from non formal education and the programme of activities was constructed in a logical "crescendo". From world café dynamic, swat analises, presentations followed with debates, working groups and presentation of conclusions, workshops about communication skills and organisations management, an entrepreneurship challenge, meeting with youth organisations and local entities for the presentation of Erasmus+ for this big group and of course, Open Space Technology for new ideas of future partnerships, all this will be used with only one aim, the reinforce/development of competencies by those who deeal with young people with fewer opportunities. We expect a strong impact in the participants by a self-recognition gain of competencies, which will be reflected in the future work of their organisations. We also can generate a good impact in the new commers, bringing new organisations to the field of international mobility and non formal education. The training will take place in Arronches a rural municipality in the region of Portalegre, from 3 to 11 of October, 2015. The 33 participants will be leaders of youth organisations, youth workers and professionals from local entities comming from Portugal, Austria, Italy, Estonia, Bulgaria, Romenia, Hungary and Greece. We, as applicant organisation, includ a condition to each partner and its to bring in their group of participants a representative of an organisation without international experience and with a litle knowledgeabout mobility programes and and international trainneing activities. We want a larger understanding about what is possible to do with all the opportunities given to the youth field and what young people comming from "forgotten" regions can gain with a active participation.

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