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Start date: Feb 1, 2011,

This proposal is based on the need for interim evaluation of the implementation of development priorities of lifelong learning at local level in the current programming period and highlight priority areas for development based on the upcoming pan-European guidelines outlined in the Strategic Framework for Education and Training 2020. A similar analysis at the time was not carried out and from that perspective the benefits will be undoubted both at regional and national level. It will facilitate the process of coordinating the efforts of stakeholders and will surely have a positive influence on the synchronization of existing strategic documents and the effectiveness of the process of promoting lifelong learning. The project seeks for analysing the existing strategic documents that define the Lifelong Learning policy at local and regional level and to assess their relativeness and contribution to achievement of objectives and priorities set in the National Lifelong Learning Strategy. The activities that will be performed under the project include desk analysis, discussion in Community forums in which a wide range of LLP stakeholder will be involved and elaboration, dissemination and promotion of a National evaluation report on the progress of the national priorities of lifelong learning at regional and local level and priority areas for development. As a base for preparation of the report the desk analysis and 6 regional analytical reports of the current state of implementation of the LLL strategies will be used. Taking into consideration that it is planned to organise 12 community forums in all 6 planning regions of the country it is expected that the project will have significant impact on the organisations and institutions that will take part in the community forums and the national forum which aims at dissemination and promotion of the results achieved. Benefits to target groups will be sought to share ideas, experiences and best practices to find solutions for problems that arise in comparison with other regions, assessing the extent to which the region contributes to the National Strategy for Lifelong Learning.
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  • Education and training\Life long learning (2007-2013)\POLICY CO-OPERATION AND INNOVATION IN LIFELONG LEARNING (KEY ACTIVITY 1)\Awareness of lifelong learning policies and EU cooperation in education and training
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