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Comenius Assistantship: Ms Monika Emrichová

Monika Emrichová spent six months at a small primary school in a German village. Her main assignment was to teach English to young pupils, help the teachers prepare their Comenius bilateral project with a partner school from Slovakia and participate in the school’s music and arts projects. When she arrived in her host school, Monika was fully prepared for new educational and cultural adventures. She was ready to make the best out of her stay abroad and contribute as much as possible to the host school as well as its pupils. She was also eager to learn German from native speakers and to broaden her communication skills. Monika Emrichová not only fulfi lled but exceeded the goals of her assignment, both inside and outside the school. As a young language teacher, she developed innovative methods to make learning as attractive as possible for young children, trying to enhance their computer skills while also learning how to communicate in English, Slovak, Czech and German as well as developing their understanding of Europe. Monika went beyond traditional school teaching and off ered evening classes to pupils and their parents. As a member of the teaching staff , she provided assistance whenever necessary, and her constant presence helped resolve a number of issues. Although she is Czech, she became an expert advisor in festive Slovak traditions. Her organisational skills proved very useful in assisting the school with their preparations for a trip to Banská Bystrica, Slovakia, as part of the Comenius bilateral project, which became the highlight of her stay. She helped prepare the children who went to Slovakia as well as anyone else involved in the project. The teachers and children gained as much experience and knowledge as possible from the partnership, supported by her expertise in cultural backgrounds and languages. Monika’s stay in Veen was also a highlight in the life of the village. She fully embraced the culture of the inhabitants, took part in local festivals and participated enthusiastically in the day-to-day life of the town. The village was also able to benefi t from her unique experiences as a Czech. Monika’s experiences are based on her life as a citizen of a new European Union member state and anchored in respect, solidarity and the thrill of mutual discovery.

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