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Comenius Assistantship: Mr Tomasz Wąsik

Tomasz Wąsik’s assistantship can be considered an example of the positive impact of mobility on European education. His stay at Sandenskolan enhanced his teaching skills, brought the realities of European enlargement to a whole community and shortened the distance between Poland and the northern extremities of Sweden. Tomasz Wąsik was fully prepared for his mission and so was the host school. He planned, implemented and followed up on his assistantship, proving himself a reliable and dedicated professional. As a future teacher, Tomasz Wąsik used his assistantship as an opportunity to hone his teaching skills using diff erent approaches in a variety of situations, and with diff erent age groups. He gave all the pupils the possibility to learn the basics of the Polish language as well as a chance to get to know Poland, its history, socio-economic status and culture. He designed multimedia shows called “Club-classes” to stimulate debate and improve the pupils’ communication skills while making learning as attractive as possible. His main goal was to create a pleasant classroom atmosphere and, at the same time, increase his pupils’ understanding about the importance of learning a foreign language and getting to know other cultures. His colleagues and head teacher all agreed that he was an asset to the school and that he went far beyond the tasks originally assigned to him. Sandenskolan in Boden has taken part in many European projects and initiatives. During his stay, Tomasz took an active part in establishing contact with a Polish secondary school in Wawrzeńczyce, a village in south western Poland, which resulted in a Comenius bilateral project titled ‘Welcome to My Country’. Another important outcome of his assistantship was the organisation of the fi rst meeting of the Polish community in northern Sweden. He was responsible for designing and providing practical information as well as a database for the guests. This event helped cement the bonds between the two countries and communities. Even after his assistantship, Tomasz continues to collaborate with his host school and acts as a guide during staff visits in his native Poland. The school is now involved in extensive cooperation projects with Poland and combines them with pupil exchanges.
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