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Começar hoje para SER amanhã
Start date: 01 Jul 2016, End date: 30 Jun 2018 PROJECT  FINISHED 

The Board of Agrupamento de Escolas de Samora Correia, is fully aware of the high rate of failure and dropout in our schools. That’s why we intend to provide teachers the opportunity to participate in actions that allow them to improve their competences and knowledge, to get to know different tools that lead them to improve their skills and allow them to answer the individual needs of learners, promote pedagogical practices and innovative approaches to learning and quality and improve skills in the management and direction of schools that would not be possible without this funding. We also intend to continue our international expansion strategy, enabling the development of language skills, to extend the knowledge of other cultural and educational realities and instruments that qualify them to work with different social, cultural and linguistic diversities. Our school is involved, since 2008, in international projects, which have contributed to the understanding of the European dimension and the importance of knowing other languages, cultural and educational, realities that increase motivation and satisfaction. We also intend the employees (teachers and staff) of our schools to participate in new experiences of training in order to establish international ties, to establish participations in future projects of European dimension, and acquire skills in new areas of didactics and pedagogy. By providing new experiences, empower teachers to new realities will certainly increase their level of motivation and satisfaction. 21 teachers and a technical assistant will be involved by this project."Innovative Practices for Engaging STEM Teaching" and "Teaching and Learning of Maths, Primary and Secondary Education" intend to involve math and science teachers in order to integrate new methodologies, acquire most effective ways of planning and use effectively the new resources and tools (real and virtual) available for teachers. "Teaching and learning in Finland," should constitute an opportunity to experience different standards and teaching at the level of education and organization of the Finnish education system. "Creative Teaching Approaches in Early Years and Pre-school Education" is an initiative advocated for Preschool allowing the renewal of skills. "Creative Thinking in Literacy Teaching", "Teaching and Learning in Early Years, Primary and Secondary Education" and "Teaching and Learning of French Language and Culture, Primary and Secondary" will improve educational and methodological practices of the language didactic and methodological practices. "Structured Study Visit to Schools / Institutes & Training Seminar", in Iceland and in the Netherlands will allow teachers from different areas of knowledge to analyze the practices, promote cultural exchanges and understanding of different educational systems. Participants will acquire increased knowledge, develop skills and change behavior. These results will have impact in the success of students and school leavers, the teaching profession, the role and performance of teachers. These changes and increased skills and knowledge will also have a positive impact on the institution and motivation of participants to invest intensively and proactively in their training.
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