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Colours of Europe - Training course on developing and improving methods, tools and techniques of intercultural learning by youth leaders
Start date: Aug 1, 2010,

The theme of our 7 days training course which involve 24 participants from 8 countries in MaliIdjos, Serbia: youth leaders should be prepared and experienced to deal with themes asstereotypes, prejudices, critical way of thinking, antidiscrimination, cultural diversity, interculturaldialogue and cross cultural cooperation. Important to realize that being Roma person or representdifferent ethnic than the majority are part of cultural diversity. Intercultural dialogue happens whenyoung people can realize differences and accept and tolerate it within their own culture and crosscommunity cooperation can happen when youth with cultural differences start to work together inpromotion of cultural diversity and build together a peaceful society. These are hard steps whereyouth leaders have lots responsibility and they have to be prepared. They should experience andunderstand their own reactions and thoughts. During this TC, they can have own experiences andbuild a partnership with other youth leaders with whom they should build a multiplier network onpromoting cultural diversity and human rights.Main aim is to train youth workers, youth leaders to be capable for preparing, running and evaluatingmethods, tools and techniques on cultural diversity, intercultural dialogue and cross culturalcommunication within local and international youth projects. To build a strong theoretical backgroundbased on own experiences and give a chance to lead different methods, tools and techniquesconcerning hot issues.Objectives:To raise understanding and theoretical knowledge on cultural diversity, intercultural dialogue,intercultural learning, cross cultural communication and intercultural sensitiveness;Tojjain experiences on developing and improving methods, tools and techniques in order to discoverand accept cultural diversity;To clarify and define the meaning of stereotypes, prejudices and discrimination based on humanrights education;To ensure different ways of active participation of young people within local and international youthprojects on cultural diversity;To build partnership and prepare future projects according to the proposals of Youth in Actionprogramme;The course is based on the principles and practise of non formal education taking accountparticipants needs, motivations and previous experiences as starting point of the programme. Varietyof methods will be used during the TC: Active methods for group dynamics; Work in mixed groups;Learner-centred and based on the experiences of participants; Based on a personal responsibility forlearning, supported by a strong group dimension and a collective approach', Enabling participants toapply and transfer what they learnt to their youth work practise; Taking into account the needs andmotivations of participants and be open to regular feedback and evaluation. Ongoing self assessmentprocess went during the whole training course on own learning outcomes.Course content:Get to know each others; Culture; Values, morals; Intercultural learning; Intercultural dialogue;Cultural diversity; Iceberg model; Different perceptions of cultural diversity; Stereotype, prejudice anddiscrimination; Milton J. Bennett: Developmental model of Intercultural sensitiveness; Preparation,run and evaluate workshops; Giving and receiving feedback; Project proposals.

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