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Colour your Maps - learning about maps of your life

Colour your maps – learning about maps of your lifeOur project is divided into four areas (colours of the flags of our countries) and all themes are treated through the use and creation of maps. Every participating country is in charge of one theme. Theme one: “You and your living space (white)”. Learning about ourselves and where we come from. We´ll map ourselves and our homes and produce a video about the school. Theme two: “The nature surrounding you (blue)”. Learning about weather, planets and follow the spring coming. We’ll make different kind of nature maps and also fantasy maps about nature in the future. Theme three: “Your body (red)”. About the importance of maintaining your condition (including fitness tests) and why body experience is important. We will do different sport activities during our project meetings.Theme four: “You and the environment (green)”. We will do energy studies of our country and make Agenda 21 tests and clean our school yard ready for the summer.Our main platform for communication will be the eTwinning website. By uploading test results, written text, short movies, photos, different kind of maps and personal profiles with pictures, favourite music etc., it is possible to create a place of both personal and educational interest.
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