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collectif DADOFONIC
Start date: Jul 1, 2016, End date: Jun 30, 2017 PROJECT  FINISHED 

At the collectif DADOFONIC , we offer a great learning environment for a person willing to gain experience in the social and artistic field. The collectif DADOFONIC is a sheltered workshop for mental disabled people who work as professional artists. Currently there are 12 artists with mental disabilities performing arts. Rehearsals, acting exercises and arts are part of their work. They perform shows on stage and on the street and organize workshops for groups. More info : or and also - LEARNING, OBJECTIVES, METHODSThe volunteer coming to this project will have experience of daily work with a group of artists further training in the fields such as social work, art, dancing, teamwork, logistics, and theatre and circus techniques. Reflective observations in the team and with the mentor happen daily in an informal way or during personal forthright meetings with the personal mentor. The volunteer gets personal feedback regularly. At a conceptual level, these experiences, observations will lead, with the help of the mentor (education specialist) to conclusions, new concepts or new strategies for the volunteer. The volunteer is the center of the learning process of the project. It is then possible, during active experimentation (workshops with the artists) to try out the newly learned competences in a protected situation. The activities depend on the artistic background of the volunteer. We are open to all forms of art. During rehearsals and plays, or performances, he will be able to participate actively. - SPECIFIC PROJECT INFORMATIONWorking times 8.45 to 16.45. from Monday to Friday. Two educators/artist coaches, specialized in arts and education, train with the 12 artists every day. In the morning, 2 training-sessions take place, there is a lunch-break for one hour, and the staff takes lunch together with the artists. Besides of the training and performing arts, everybody is requested to assist and house duties (dishwashing etc.). There are also 2 training sessions during the afternoon. On different days (2-10 times per month) there are excursions (art galleries, museum of art, performances, theatre) or shows to perform (street-show or theatre). - ABOUT LOCAL COMMUNITYThe volunteer will be hosted in a house with other national and international young people. We have 3 years of experience there, all volunteers liked it. There is a own room in an old farm house. The community there is like a family. A lot of things are free there (fourniture, food...) The volunteer will be in project 30-40 hrs. per week. If the day is extended due to performances, "supplementary hours" will be compensated as soon as possible by spare time. The sheltered workshop for disabled people "collectif DADOFONIC" is situated in Bertrange-Helfent, 10 minutes distance from Luxembourg City and 60 min from the farm. Luxembourg has a lot of places of interest and presents really high living standards. Luxembourg City is one of the most secure and worth living cities in Europe. With 80 per cent foreigners, the city is distinguished by the diversity of cultures and languages. The volunteer will have access to regular public transport facilities. - EXAMPLES OF LEARNING SITUATIONS We offer to volunteers in terms of service and learning opportunities and possible experiences, - Working with mentally disabled people - Participation in a group of artists - Experience in different domains of performing arts and creativity- Learning other languages (working language: Luxembourgish)- Participating in performances (if possible)- Excellent working environment and conditions- Experiencing luxembourgish multi cultural scene (theatre, museum)ROLE OF VOLUNTEER- Assisting the educators in supervising people with disabilities- Active participation in group life (12 artists with disabilities) and participation during the activities in the sheltered workshop: helping to dress, kitchen-activities, cleaning- Participation in arts activities: warm-up, design and drawings, performing training, games, dance, circus techniques, discussions, readings, visit of museums and theatre performances etc.- Developing activities, new projects or ideas in the arts (drama, art happenings, representations in public place)- Support for theatrical (stage, street) as a technician, actors, framing the public.- Proposed activities depending on the skills of the volunteer (graphic, audiovisual, sports, arts, cooking, crafts, music)-The volunteer is a serious partner in the definition of his own learning process in which he is supported by the mentor. Tools will be produced to measure the learning outcomes.
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