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Collaborative Language Teaching for Dyslexic Students 2
Start date: Nov 1, 2010,

Learning foreign languages is very important to all, as academic success and carrier prospects greatly depend on foreign language skills. However, traditional teaching methods are disadvantageous to dyslexic pupils. They have trouble with reading and writing in their first language and therefore often excluded from lessons in the second language due to assumptions about their learning ability in this new field. Our project aims to engage the beginner, or re-engage the formerly alienated adult or vocational students to learning, enabling them and their supporters with a database of user generated language learning activities. This project builds on results and experiences gathered in Minerva project Calldysc, by 3 ways: a) further developing outcomes based on user needs, b) involving new types of user groups and c) expanding the original partnership towards new countries.Applying the European social model where the environment is adapted to the needs of all, including the disabled learner, we offer learning through adaptable multimedia educational games and also authoring tools that allow teachers to tailor classroom education to the needs of the dyslexic student. Teaching activities will target vocabulary building, grammar, communications skills and usage as well. SEN students will benefit from a) elements of multisensory teaching, b) personalized content and c) integrating assistive technology. Learning content will be generated in a web2 manner, i.e. content is created, uploaded and shared by language teaching professionals. Researcher project partners will disseminate results on an academic level, whereas educationists will reach the target audience directly. Teacher training courses in all partner countries will ensure implementation in everyday practice. The nature of the developed educational material will allow independent later use beyond the project's lifetime.
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