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Collaborative Art-Making for Reducing Marginalisation
Start date: 01 Dec 2012,

CAREM focuses on the development of educational activities, material and related pedagogical strategies of collaborative art-making that strengthen intercultural education and inclusion practices, reduce social and academic marginalisation and increase the participation of marginalised children in the curricula, cultures and societies of schools. CAREM will also compile activities of collaborative art-making that will allow the voices of culturally diverse students to be heard, promoting the exchange of ideas and stories regarding diversity. Children’s engagement in collaborative art-making activities may bring children’s voices to the surface regarding marginalisation and diversity. Children who have a common goal to achieve with their art group learn to share thoughts and emotions and use critical thought to go into the others’ emotions regarding marginalisation and diversity. Children who face learning or language difficulties are also able to participate, while marginalised children may develop friendships with their art group. Each partner will develop activities and materials of collaborative art-making for each of the 3 pools: promotion of diversity, marginalisation reduction and the development of a democratic European citizenship. Partners will also have the rest of the activities and materials translated in their own language. This material will be published on-line. All partners will contribute to teacher training and the testing, implementation and dissemination of the products. The project will provide teachers (ages 9-12) with educational strategies and material that will enable them to deploy collaborative art-making to promote amongst their students an awareness of the importance of cultural and linguistic diversity within Europe and of the need to combat racism, prejudice and xenophobia. Through CAREM, stories of diversity and marginalisation will be heard; thus encouraging tolerance and respect for European peoples, languages and cultures.
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