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Collaboration of schools and communities for sustainable development
Start date: Oct 1, 2011,

We are building a community in our own network by using European stimulants with all envisioned stakeholders to collaborate for sustainable development. We all live the development circle within the multilateral network. We aim to collect and examine existing good practices of school-community collaboration in order to foster the formation of similar networks working together for sustainability throughout Europe. Sustainability is a global challenge for humankind. Pedagogical approaches in the field of ESD are promising yet few of these got adapted to science education, which needs to be renewed in Europe. We promote the adaptation of ESD methods in science education enhancing inquiry based learning. We improve learning arenas on school-community interface via empowering existing ones and encouraging learning of all partners involved. Linking isolated exemplar cases and fostering exchange is another mission. We wish to motivate and inspire actors by equipping them with models of collaboration, a process-orientated “Travelling guide” giving indicators and describing conditions and a toolbox with practical hints. We will build a platform and make further enquiries on how it can support the survival of collaborative structure and how it could be inclusive with special regard on isolated communities. All these implementation efforts build on a survey from existing cases from the contribution by partners. Our results are disseminated using modern means such as e-trainings and innovative methods of social learning (also represented in adult training frame to be developed in the network). Roundtables as tools for future visioning as well as experience and networking capital from partners are integrated in the process of exploitation and dissemination. Our network serves as a model for collaborative knowledge building. Systems thinking and participative approach are represented throughout the general process of networking (including quality plan report) and in all products.

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