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Çok kültürlü eğitime,yaratıcı dokunuşlar
Start date: 01 Aug 2016, End date: 31 Jul 2017 PROJECT  FINISHED 

We have many multicultural classrooms in our educational area.Immigrants who migrated due to economic problems from eastern Turkey and Syrian refugees who escaped from war. Parents of our students are thinking "preschool education is an unnecessary education type". Their priority is finding a job which has an income that provides shelter and nutrition.For these reasons, we have a lot of students who have discontinuity problem.We are working on the raising of awareness and importance of preschool education for the parents who are living in our educational area. Also to support and help to our students and their parents, we endeavour to understand their needs.Our organization is planning to provide students and parents are supportive and multicultural school environment for a successful integration, students can live difficulties in the process of adaptation to the new environment. Our teachers need to use creative approaches for that kind of multicultural educational environment but in this situation they feel inadequate and incapable.Also, we want from parents to watch their children’s creative activities in the school. So that they observe their children while they are growing. In this case we believe that preschool education will sustainable for such environmentIn European countries, "Multicultural Society" is well developed and enrolment ratio is high.With the education which we will receive we would like to create a different perspective to develop a multicultural environment in our region.We are planning that to be two mobility to our projectThe first mobility is multi culturalism in Slovakia the role of the teacher in the integration process of immigrant children. To see such examples of good practice that promote multiculturalism and the integration of immigrant children in the education system, will contribute to the position of our teachers.Our second mobility is approaches creative teaching in preschool education in Italy.Our aim is to increase confidence and competence of our teachers in a multicultural classroom environment and to give a different perspective on creative teaching.The program aims to develop and apply appropriate techniques to our students.The aim of our project:- To support the parents and students who have different ethnic backgrounds and geographical differences for participating in the public life at least according to universal principles -To gain a universal perspective for creative teaching with family involvement activities to the families of refugees and internal migrants around the school-To provide families in their child's education in the process of integration according to the creative activities that given at the school- Our teachers with the courses they take contribute to their academic development. As a result of this, to gain a new perspective to their classrooms.- Applying creative teaching approaches in preschool education and to share the experiences, primarily to ensure the implementation of other kindergartens in our district, create a different perspective in multicultural classrooms, - With the course in Slovakia to be taken we will compare the innovations and shortcomings European program and implemented program in our own organization. So, we will be able to explore the applicability of our program to improve.- To make a cross-cultural relationship, kindergarten visits in Italy. - To observe the differences between cultures.Our project will be held with 10 participants. Participants are the individuals who have a knowledge of the cultural structure of students and their families.The administrator and the teachers who are innovative, young, dynamic people where worked in regions with different cultures easily will adapt to the multicultural classrooms.Anticipated results and effects of our project are described below:-Increase the rate of preschool attendance in our training environment, avoid the problem of school dropouts and absenteeism.-Our teachers will practice applications of creative teaching methods to support all areas of development in the process of integration of preschool children.- Ensuring the solutions of the problems with acquired new perspectives to make this sustainable and applicable by our teachers- The knowledge and experiences learned as a main result of mobility. Contribute parents to move to the top in the priority order understanding the importance of preschool education in our region.- This project will underpin projects in the field pre-school education in multicultural classrooms in the application of creative teaching approaches and programming where to be done in province of Adana and all of Turkey
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