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Start date: Sep 1, 2014, End date: Aug 31, 2015 PROJECT  FINISHED 

The project comprises of Sulakyurt Multi-Program High School, Prof.. Maj. Gen. Derviş Şen Medical Doctor Multi-Program High School and Karakeçili Multi-Program High School' students visiting Lithuania and Portugal in order to get a special training related to "Free Time Activities and Games in Eary Childhood " which is a part of Child Development and Education modules. One of our objectives by implementing this project is to provide our students an awareness regarding how important activities and games in eary childhood for the future life of a child and thus to make them experience the EU's approaches and implementations in this field. In addition to that, we anticipated that if the project is implemented, both the chance of our students' to be employed will increase and they will gain much more cultural and professional lenience as they will have experienced of being in a place of culturally different environment. This may lead them to adopt a broader perspective both in their proffesion and socio-cultural life. The number of the participants is going to be 21 people for each flow, except the companion teachers which will be 3 people in each flow. At the point of deciding on the participators, the students are expected to be suceed in their courses, to have relatively good knowledge of English, to be eager to participate in scocial activities ass well as interested in getting to know different cultures. Likewise, the companion teacher are expected to be in good conditon related to the level of foreign language and to be able to manage the project successfully in a culturally different environment. Activities within the project consists of the phases including preparation, implementation, dissemination and evaluation period. These four phases are taken into consideretion in settling t the main activities during the whole period of the project. The first flow will be conducted between 08/03/2015 – 21/03/2015 in Lithuania wheras the second will be held between 12.04.2015 – 25.04.2015 in Portugal. For each flow, the area of specialization training t will be on “ free time activities and gamesin early childhood” and all each domestic partners share in the flowes will be 7 pupils and 1 companion teacher. For the sucess of the project the four phases should be sustained and implemented attentively. This is the basic reason of why we choose specific paticipators that have competency to satisfy projects' expectations, and why we pay such attention to the preparation phase. The preparation phase is vital in constituting an accurate understanding amongst the stıdents related to the project. In order to assess the knowledges, skills, manners that obtained through the training and activities during the flows, our companion staffs will follow the developments precisely. By this way, the main outputs of the project can be come out. The dissemination activites conducted after the flows will consider the promotion and dissemination of the project to more people through establishing a network through which all the relevant institutions and organizations can benefit. By means of assesment phase, it will be possible to extrapolate concerning the utility of the project for both particapators and relevant instutions and organizations. At the end of the training that is going to partake during the flows, paticipator students will get a certification which is the indicator of their training conducted in EU states. Progress in the professional competencies and foreign language skills will be the exact result of training period and thus we believe that their chance to be employed will increase. Our participants also will gain the advantages of getting to know another culture's traditions, customs, lifestyle and embraces the wealth of differences. The long run impact of the project will be increase in the standarts and quality of education in the field of child development and training, as our participatory students becomes pioneers through adjusting what they learn to the educative techniques implemented in nursery and kindergarden. In addition to that, with proper dissemination activities, the other instutions and organizations operating in the speciality of child development and education will be acquinted with the techniques and practices conducted in EU.
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