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CoastLearn - Black Sea

The aim of the CoastLearn in Black Sea (hereafter CLBS) is to mobilise the human resources in the tourism and coastal management sector in Black Sea in general and notably Sinop, Varna and Constanta by raising awareness among the local decision making mechanisms of the integrated coastal zone management in order to encourage people to utilise the coastal resources in a coherent and balanced way. Coastal zone management has been considered as an instrument proposed from the coastal areas towards the sustainable development for the purpose of overcoming the environmental problems and achieving the goals.The rationale behind the establishment of the consortium is grounded on two bases: One is the experience in the implementation of CoastLearn, the products of which CLBS will be built upon. EUCC has been involved in the project for this reason. The other one is mainly related to the adaptation of CoastLearn material to Black Sea, so partners from Bulgaria, Romania and Turkey are involved. In the establishment of the consortium sectoral diversity has been definitely highlighted. Therefore, a tertiary education organisation, local authorities, umbrella organisations, municipalities and association of municipalities have been included in the consortium.The tangible outcomes of the project will be:- Needs Analysis Report- Updated and upgraded Integrated Coastal Zone Management Learning Material- Water Quality Management Module- Sustainable tourism Module with the addition of QualityCoast content- Coast Learn Black Sea web siteIt will have an impact on the development of tourism sector with the presentation of its modules Sustainable Tourism and Water Quality Management. Tourism, one of the target sectors, will be boosted in Black Sea basin, which has various prospective tourism destinations along its coastline. Furthermore, as it will raise awareness in the fisheries sector about biodiversity and marine and coastal environmental issues, it will improve the quality of fisheries in Black Sea. Coastal managers and planners will take more environmental friendly decisions in parallel with EUCC and ICZM principles, thereby improving the general condition of Black Sea environment.
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