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Coastal Communities 2150 and Beyond (CC2150)
Start date: Dec 31, 2010, End date: May 31, 2014 PROJECT  FINISHED 

Coastal Communities 2150 gathers partners from England, Belgium-Flanders and the Netherlands. The aim is to help create the right conditions to reduce the impact of coastal changes in vulnerable communities in the 2 Seas area. This will be done through the exchange of knowledge within the context of Integrated Coastal Zone Management (ICZM). By overcoming national borders, CC2150 will use the collective knowledge and experience of coastal regions and pool financial resources. Working on a long-term time frame (2150) allows partners and coastal communities to see the wider implications of coastal changes. Through informing communities of the best available prediction of future coastal climate change impacts on them, the project empowers them to plan and prepare for coastal changes. In exchange, understanding community views enables partners to plan and prepare, based on an integrated vision including all parties. In addition, CC2150 contributes to the European framework for action to improve Europe's resilience to climate change, by facilitating the coordination and the exchange of best practices between Member States on climate related issues. Expected Results: What are the key results of the project?Activity 1 - A shared risk profiling method and stakeholder analysis method; compilation of adaptation case studies and possible new strategies produced; summary report to compile other relevant work that demonstrates best practice on adapting to coastal climate change; 5 analyses of priority communities with target audiences identified; 5 overview groups established to achieve local project governance.Activity 2 - Report on best practice engagement, 1 report on the psychological barriers to engagement and recommendations for best practice in establishing engagement groups, 3-day project workshop on community visions; suite of communication and engagement products tailored to target audiences developed in cross-border collaboration. 5 stakeholder enagagement groups help development of engagement tools and strategies.Activity 3 - Products: 1 crossborder tool for coastal management = practical guide to creating the conditions for coastal community adaptation ; 5 priority community visions; 1 suite of tested engagement products that can be used by other communities; enhanced community networks in each priority area; 5 evaluation reports of success of engagement in each priority community; lessons learned report.Are all partners and territories benefitting from the results?All Partner Regions will benefit from the projects, yet those who will immediately benefit are current generations of people that live and work in the CC2150 priority coastal communities. They will prepare their own long term visions and plans, so making themselves more resilient to the predicted sea level rises, increased storm surges and the wetter winters (with more river and surface flooding) and drier sumers with more risk of drought and hotter temperatures (affecting health) that climate change will bring. Their children, grand childrean and great grandchildren will have a better future because the partners worked with the priority communities to commuicate and understand these long term risks and produced tools and strategies to help them sucessfully adapt and take advantage of these changes.Local people will be able to make decisions that consider the integrated nature of coastal management so that communities can remain viable in the future as the impacts become more significant. They will have developed a plan to adapt. The target groups will be at local and regional levels and include: vulnerable residents, businesses, landowners, recreational users, economic regeneration planners, the tourism industry, elected members, planning authorities and coastal organisations/groups. We will communicate locally and with regional governments to disseminate our results and learning, therefore benefitting all the people from our regions. Our tools, reports and best practices will be applicable to all coastal regions in north east Europe.What are the effects / outcomes for the territories involved?All Partners will establish a local 'Community Enagagement Group' who will work and help us to choose and develop engagement products to help inform at risk communities. These products will raise awareness of the future risks and be used to help a pilot community in each of the territories to prepare a long term vision which will take into account how they can adapt to climate change. The outcome will be products and local visions that will make the territories better infomed, so they can make the right decisions in planning to adapt to climate changes. This will ensure they understand the problems and choices so empowering them to make good decisions which will be the best in medium and long term, and not just the short term. They will encourage sound 'no rergrets' ways to adapt to the risks that climate change will bring.People and buisnesses will be safer, healthier and wealthier because they will be making better long term decisions.
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