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Coaching skills for VET teachers for developing soft skills, key horizontal competences and entrepreneurship skills in VET students

The 2010 Joint Report on Education and Training states that transversal key competences, which are increasingly important in view of evolving labour market, are less systematically addressed by most VET systems than they are by general education. The Report also establishes that this challenge relates in part to the education of VET teachers and trainers. The KEY COACH project therefore addresses priority 3.2.2 of the PAP 2013 “Support initial and continuous training of teachers, trainers and education and training institutions' managers”.The Training Programme which is being transferred in KEYCOACH is a highly innovative training course for secondary school tutors so that they can use coaching to promote soft skills in their students. The ToI carried out in KEYCOACH is three-fold: sectorial, geographical and methodological. This ToI and the KEYCOACH project objectives are being reached through the collaborative work of a partnership composed by 7 partners from 7 different MS: Spain, Belgium, Portugal, Lithuania, Romania, Poland and Austria. Partners include experts in coaching (P0 and P1), VET providers (P2, P3 and P4), an e-learning services developer and provider (P5) and a communication expert (P6). Project partners are working together during 24 months following a defined workplan composed of 8 Workpackages: three horizontal WPs for Coordination (WP1), Quality assurance (WP6) and Dissemination (WP7); four WPs for the Needs Analysis (WP2), Tailoring to the importing countries (WP3), Adaptation to a B-learning (WP4) and Pilot Cases (WP5), which constitute the core of the transfer of innovation of this project and one last WP for exploitation of the Training Programme upon project finalization (WP8). In summary, AIN’s original materials are being adapted, re-arranged, translated and digitalized, in order to become the core contents of a newly designed Training Programme, tailored to the identified needs of 5 different countries, and which will be provided on an open and self-learning tool, based upon the use of ICTThe expected impacts of KEYCOACH are : i) the acquisition by VET teachers trained with the Training Programme of the skills needed to foster their students’ transversal key competences; ii) the improvement of the quality and the innovativeness of the VET system, iii) aware raising at the EU level for the need of training VET teachers in fostering transversal key competences
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