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Coaches of SMEs: 5POINTS Trainings
Start date: Sep 1, 2014, End date: Aug 31, 2016 PROJECT  FINISHED 

Numerical results obtained from both European Committee reports and national reports show the importance of SMEs for the economy of the country. Giving coaching trainings to these establishments which are so important for national development is vital in order to make them to contribute more to the country economy. After the financial crisis in Europe and carrying out examinations on SMEs, it is accurate to say that the primary problems for SMEs are equity capital shortage and financial problems emerging from obstacles at credit obtaining. Problems such as structural problems, administrative problems, compliance with new technologies and production problems, working on low capacity level problems, supply and storage problems, lack of information support and technical assistance, marketing and competing problems, not being able to make new investment, insufficiency in legal regulations and bureaucratic obstacles comprise other problems SMEs are subjected or may be subjected in the future. Most important priority areas regarding the project are contributing to decrease the number of low skilled adults (making adults to gain new skills and improving their existing skills) and increasing the collaboration between training and employment. Basics of both priorities can be described as generating employment and as a natural result economic development. Because increasing the knowledge of SMEs in the subjects of information and solution in particular has a direct effect on efficiency, national revenue and development. European Committee’s report in the year of 2012 regarding SMEs can be hold up as an example regarding this. Especially in a management process based on both internal and external house risks, establishments to develop solutions against problems they encounter is extremely important with regards to sustainability of SMEs and their compliance with European Union standards and regulations. Within the scope of this basic necessity, managers and employees in the establishments to have training based on lifelong learning and continuing training context will be provided in this project. In this direction awareness of both establishment managers and employees on SMEs coaching will be provided and they will be supplied web based training materials which they can get more easily.

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