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CO-WORKING - LAB for enhancing youth workers to support disadvantaged young people – inputs, workshops and practise of artistic methods
Start date: Aug 1, 2016, End date: Oct 31, 2016 PROJECT  FINISHED 

CO-WORKING is a five days LAB in Austria for enhancing youth workers to support disadvantaged young people by inputs, Workshops and practise of artistic methods. Looking at contemporary art, artworks and art positions the project starts a bridge building process between the art and the social field. Artists, art-scientists, art mediators, art therapists, psychologists, sociologists, social pedagogues, social workers, social managers and mentors will work together to explore the perspectives of art to increase their competences, skills and knowledge in the youth work. All partner organisations work with disadvantaged young people and are interested in spatial localization of an international exchange and European dimension and in an increase access to and awareness of fixed and movable artistic assets and productions specific to their organisations and target groups.The 7 Partner Organisations INTRAS (Spain), KULT-ART (Romania), OZARA (Slovenia), ALTERNATIVE TOURISM AGENCY OF FOKIDA (Greece), HETGEVOLG (Belgium), NICOLA (UK), and PRO MENTE OÖ (Austria).CO-WORKING refers to topics related to emotions in daily situations, unseen/unspoken realities of young disadvantaged people caused on mental health problems, learning difficulties, vulnerable positions, economical or ethnical disadvantages, dealing with issues of a changing society and individual needs. A society of great ethnic heterogeneity bears insecurity and social fear and leads individuals focussing on their own lives and might feel threatened by the "Others". This project will support professionals to support social cohesion and inclusion and act to avoid radicalisation of young people. Supporting young people to name their fears and respect their needs means to help them in developing their future perspectives.Seeing and being seen, listening and being heard, moving and being part of collective choreography will experience trainers for awareness and the impact of individual appearance and its effect on the group. Exploring the impacts of art and culture leads to possibilities to strengthen up trust in ones own life and creates a relation to the others.The activity is a five days LAB, structured in daily topics, titled as research, artistic methods and social competences, communication and visibility as artistic methods, evaluation and joint perspectives. Each partner is disposed bringing his/her part to the team-working days to Austria. Therefore pre- questionnaires and concrete duties will be sent to the partners at the same time as the organisational issues. CO-WORKING enables 16 professional workers to share their experiences and proved knowledge by trainings and collective experiences by short term workshops of artistic methods like theatre, dance, performance, visual art and more led by the involved participants and to communicate and visualise the results by images, video, sound and graphic design. The LAB offers time and space for research, mapping, bodily experiences, lectures, brainstorming and evaluation to develop new ideas and to strengthen competences and skills and knowledge of workers and management in the social- and cultural organisations for further use.By getting an insight and personal experiences on several artistic disciplines and their perspectives participants will get experiences in communication beside our language, to express what is not possible through words or equal to different languages. They will sensitize perception on themselves, colleagues and situations. Experiencing pleasure during the process of learning will motivate them to carry on with skills learned and to motivate young persons to detect their interest. Therefore CO-WORKING offers time and space in working together with colleagues/experts outside the own organisation guided by evaluation and documentation. Non formal learning will be validated by Youthpass.Experiences of the trainings so far will be unite in a summary and committed by all partners to formulate common perspectives for follow up activities. Looking at the perspectives a summary of resources, like minded organisations, networks and partners on local, national and European level will be brought together. The LAB wants to transform the idea into practical terms to submit together another application in the frame of the Erasmus+ programme for a long-term cooperation. The results of the LAB will be summarized including relevant outcomes of discussion, training and lectures in the form of working documents, guidelines, manuals and visuals as well as video production showing the access into and the results of the LAB and to get an insight into the atmosphere and creative process on international level. As an archive it will summarize experiences for further use and implementation in daily work with young people. By using the network of all partner organisations to spread the results of CO WORKING, other persons and organisations will be inspired by this project as well.
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