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Co-Working & Co-Living: Co-Inspiring
Start date: Aug 1, 2015, End date: May 31, 2016 PROJECT  FINISHED 

The Job shadowing 'Co-working & Co-living: Co-inspiring' has been the first project developed out of a new cooperation between Sende and Platform Spartak. The Job shadowing took place from the 19th of August until the 17th of October 2015. The project activity involved one youth worker from The Netherlands working within the framework of non formal education in cooperation with 2 youth workers from Spain and Serbia. Focussing on peer to peer learning and developing new approaches, we worked on social development and initiatives in Galicia and Groningen connecting concepts and practices of co-working and co-living to our youth work based on our experiences and shared practices throughout the Job shadowing. In the period of 2 months, we were able to create adaptive working models of coworking and co-living as a guideline in diverse settings in international and local youth work. The Jobshadowing developed an alternative approach in the local and international youth work, and a combination of the two, of Platform Spartak and Sende which was one of the main objectives. By sending one experienced youth worker (28) of Platform Spartak to Senderiz, we improved several elements: finding ways to interest new (local and international) volunteers and youth workers in our work and creating visibility towards other stakeholders connected to different communities and networks of Sende and Platform Spartak in respectively Spain and The Netherlands. The activities implemented during the Jobshadowing were: an introduction to co-working and co-living principles and (other) practices in Sende, supporting project activities in Sende such as the locally implemented project "Rural Rocks" on rural and youth entrepreneurship in coworking/coliving setting, a creative online/offline laboratory connecting local and international youth workers, running of co-working and coliving spaces by using new technology and innovation (apps). Furthermore beneficial initiatives and activities were developed connected to co-working and co-living practices and creative expression, which resulted in multiple follow up projects by international youth and youth workers in different European regions. An intertwined international and local dimension of Platform Spartak's work has been well developed for years. This Job shadowing supported the development of approached of our work, finding new ways how to integrate international youth work in local settings in various communities we are active in. Having learned from good practices existing in both organisations, we were able to reach a greater level of understanding of our current work setting and we boosted new inspiration. Platform Spartak is currently working on integrating the best practices of this Job shadowing into its internal and daily practice, as well as developing multiple local and international follow-up activities. Some of which have been funded and implemented already. This Job shadowing helped giving insights in the differences and similarities, the challenges and opportunities of international youth work integrated in regional or local communities and rural settings connected to technological developments and innovative, online approaches. The Job shadowing helped Platform Spartak to secure the folowing objectives and outcomes, we: -developed a new set of ideas, knowledge, skills and practices in international and local youth work; -created a better understanding of the possibilities using experimental work settings, such as co-working and coliving, as well as creative, innovative online methods as a tool in youth work; -exchanged best practices between Sende an Platform Spartak; -developed a basis for a strong partnership with this relative new partner within our network. Longer term benefits are: -development of a strong network and cooperation with co-working spaces in Spain (especially in Galicia and Pontevedra) and The Netherlands -boosted and supported the work of at least 6 youth workers and their organisations in Europe -completed at least 1 follow-up project in The Netherlands and, by now, 2 abroad (Spain and Croatia) -further development of at least one more Key Action 1 project in 2016 and, possibly, one Key Action 2 related to this topic in 2017.
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