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Start date: Jun 1, 2015, End date: May 31, 2017 PROJECT  FINISHED 

In parallel to the rapidly increasing world population, the development of the production and manufacturing industry brings the usage of new technology. Today, one of the indispensible components of the production and manufacturing industry, CNC and robotics continue their development. Rapid technologic development brings new abilities to emerge in this field and it is pointed out by the employers that the qualifications gained through current training programs and training tools do not get ample response, and the mismatch of skills in apprentices requires additional education. This situation causes time leeway and financial losses as well as unnecessary reeducation of individuals. Obtaining accurate and complete training of the apprentices during the vocational training term is beneficiary to both themselves and to the sector. With this approach, our apprentices will be bettering themselves by gaining new qualifications in CNC and robotics. The purpose of this project is to resolve the mismatches of the apprentices in CNC and robot technologies field of apprentices by improving their qualifications or gaining new ones. Besides, our teachers who provide education in automation, electric-electronics and machine technologies will need to know the technologies and related subjects of these skills in order to relate them to the students of our country. For the vocational teachers, experiencing newly found skills in the production and manufacturing industry with their in-practice examples will enhance the vocational education level in our country. Additionally, our vocational education students are generally in the lowest parts of our society’s income level. Also, our vocational education students generally constitute the lowest part of our society in the means of income level; therefore they come to us as disadvantageous individuals. During the selection of participants, since the most successful of these individuals will be given priority, it will contribute to preventing discrimination towards these individuals in our society. With the support of our project to them, the lack of self-confidence of these individuals will be taken away and they will be made visible in our society. The mobility activities with ZF Industrial AG company which has important commercial activities in our country, in Europe and in the world, and with Karl-Peter Obermaier Schule, which is a prominent and active vocational school in the region, will provide the apprentices of our school who are educated in our school’s dual vocational education (machine and automation technologies) with the following: improving qualifications in the production and manufacturing methods of CNC and robot technologies, seeing how their profession is applied in an institution in a member country of the EU, the organization of their work environments, tools and equipment, increasing their awareness of the security measures and the methods used in the EU countries to protect themselves from work accidents. Accordingly, in order to enhance to awareness level of our students, an internship program will be carried out. Moreover, the teachers who lecture our students in the fields of automation, electric-electronic and machine technologies will be able to observe both the developments in CNC and robot technologies and the applications of technical training at a school and in a training department of a factory in an EU country. Likewise, our teachers will investigate the security measures and the methods which are implemented in vocational schools of an EU country and a seminar program will be applied in order to enhance their qualifications on this topic. In order to implement these activities, three flow schemes under two different main activity titles have been planned. The first flow which is the internship program of the vocational training students in workplaces in abroad will be carried out in Germany between 29.11.2015 - 12.12.2015 with apprentice students from the machine technology department, 1 teacher from the same department, and 1 companion. The second flow which is the seminar program under the personal training application in abroad will be carried out between 24.01.2016 – 06.02.2016 with 14 teachers from automation, electric-electronic and machine technology departments. The third flow which is the internship of vocational training students in the workplaces in abroad will be carried out in Germany between 03.04.2016 – 16.04.2016 with 15 apprentice students from the automation department, 1 teacher from the same department and a companion. The project is intended to comprise of 30 apprentice students who are educated in dual vocational training in our school and 14 vocational teachers of our school. A companion will be employed for the socio-cultural orientations of the students during the flows. Also, an instructor will be employed for the vocational coordination and for the education to go smoothly.
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