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CM ProWork - Competence management in the production sector. Determination, development and assessment of non-formal learning in the Metal and Electronic Industry.

Final report - short versionThe central work result of the pilot project is a multilingual software tool for the competence management in the M+E production sector, which:• Presents and makes comparable, on an industry-wide basis, task and process-oriented competencies of semiskilled and skilled workers (m+w) also acquired on an informal basis;• Provides the executive staff active in the production with a everyday tool for the linking of task management, qualification planning and competence development; • Supports human resources personnel in industrial enterprises to evaluate the competence level in production departments and accordingly align the recruitment of personnel and promotion measures. An operating manual was integrated into the tool. A demonstration CD and an explicit glossary are available. In order to facilitate the implementation in the enterprises, and to provide educational institutions such as management consultancies a guide in regard to distribution, instructions for action (Good Practice) were established which also reflect the individual national conditions of application. The tool was comprehensively presented discussed in the target groups of the M+E production sector, work administrations and educational institutions, as well as in the academic field. . Within the scope of expert meetings, the social dialogue was held with social partners, representatives of the work administrations, consultants and academics. The tool is distributed free of charge in the scope of specific marketing models. Competencies which are required for the modern production work can not or only roughly be registered by the known competence presentation procedures. The significantly improved procedure for the presentation of competencies is in particular advantageous for the group of workers, as their competencies (know how, capability, motivation) can now be promoted, evaluated and also significantly enhanced in a more targeted manner. Practical experience has shown that the workers have involved themselves in the use of the tool directly and without any prejudice.Objectives:The objectives of the pilot project CM ProWork could comprehensively be realised: The projected instruments for the competence registration, development and evaluation for the non-formal learning in the process of the production work was developed, put on trial, and distributed. Executive staff and human resources personnel were supported to recognise the learning potentials of the workers and the starting points of competence development with the help of the tool. Beyond this, all flanking products stated in the application were established, which could be useful for the uncomplicated introduction of the tool in enterprises by training providers and consultants. Modifications were conducted within the period of the project, which were partially based on prepositions from the partner network and which improved the user friendliness and helped to broaden the range of application. The newly joined partner PHWT contributed to create this functionality, which reached far beyond the initially projected design of the tool. Shortcomings in regard to the projected targets could not be registered. The following target transgressions can be stated: - In the main product the CM ProWork tool, surplus to the plan, the analysis of the process competencies and the possibility to define items and generate enterprise-specific evaluation possibilities were integrated. - In addition to the planned products, a glossary to the tool was established in both the English and the German language. - A demonstration CD in the German language was established and made available for the distribution of the results. - Many publications were realised that exceeded the number stated in the application. - Significantly more enterprises were informed about the tool and instructed in regard to the application of the tool than stated in the appl...
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