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Climate Neutral Urban Districts in Europe (CLUE)
Start date: Dec 31, 2011, End date: Dec 30, 2014 PROJECT  FINISHED 

The project idea Climate Neutral Urban Districts in Europe (CLUE) was formulated by a team of experts at the City of Stockholm and KTH Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm. The project idea was first presented during the EU Interregional Cooperation Forum, 20/21 September 2007, Lisbon. The objective of the CLUE regional development project is increased regional capacity in policy development to faciltate implementation and assessment of new solutions and technologies to support low carbon economy in urban areas. Furthermore a shared perception on Climate Neutral Urban Districts in the partnership is a project aim. To achieve this, we aim to develop the relation between urban development policy and climate mitigation measures. This will in affect increase the cities’ and regions’ capacity in planning with regards to assessment and implementation of new solutions and technologies to support a low-carbon economy in urban areas.To meet these objectives the CLUE project will explore best practices in planning and implementation of systems, solutions and technologies for climate neutral urban districts as well as methods for measuring, monitoring, reporting, verifying and assessing climate mitigating efforts. A climate neutral urban district is a district that uses innovative new technology and building techniques to reduce the carbon footprint.On the base of identified best practices the CLUE will develop practical guidelines and be an arena for testing, discussing and exchanging relevant experiences, innovations and strategies. Best practices identified within the project will be used as reference points for European cities and regions. The project partnership involves local, regional and university actors from various European countries, who are proactive in the development of climate neutral urban districts.CLUE will deliver:- International conferences, work meetings and expert workshops to develop and discuss climate neutral urban districts; - Best practice guides and policy recommendations on integration of climate aspects in the urban development process; - Guidelines for application of tools and methods for measuring, reporting, verifying and assessing climate neutrality technology;- Implementation plans for all participating regionsCLUE will result in: - Shared perception on Climate Neutral Urban Districts among regional and local communities and stakeholders in Europe;- Increased capacity in policy development to faciltate implementation and assessment of new solutions and technologies to support low carbon economy in urban areas Achievements: The CLUE project has been started and all necessary documents have been signed and stamped. From this solid partnership, a steering group could be formed to take the first decisions in order to get the CLUE project on its feet for the first few steps towards policies for Climate Neutral Urban Districts. The arrangement of the opening conference signed the official start of the CLUE project. For the opening conference, a number of speakers were invited to give their view of Climate Neutral Urban Districts, among them both public and private actors. Also, the Interreg IVC project GRaBS, maily focused at climate change adaptation, gave their view on our work ahead and how the CLUE project could make use of their main results. With 75 participants, the Opening Conference proved to be quite a successful start to the project. A webportal has also been developed to allow both internal and external access to the CLUE project information. In relation to the formal opening conference, the partnership met for the first time and had their first mutual experiences in the form of a study visit to the Hammarby Sjöstad and Stockholm Royal Seaport, two city cistricts in Stockholm that to some extent might prove to hold good practices for future climate Neutral city development. This issue is certainly under discussions in the established workgroups of the project, where issues concerning Climate Neutral Urban districts are examined in terms of financial and legislative circumstances, public participation, planning strategies, technical infrastructure and urban transportation. Discussions have also been started around methodological issues. Besides meetings, the C4 partners have started work on reviewing methods and tools within the themes "benchmarking", "Evaluation methods and tools" and "Scenario methods", part of which was presented at the Opening Conference. Also, a template for the C3 production of Local Case Studies has been produced in order to establish comparable information regarding good practices.

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