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Climate, lifestyle and environment: a network through Europe

Children who live in different environments under different climates in Europe have undoubtedly different ways of life too.A first study on climate will be led by groups of students in every country: temperature survey + pictures + short daily descriptions about the atmospheric agents (sent every day via internet during a week for each season defined together)More in depth studies on the consequences of these differences will follow:- particular natural phenomena: avalanches – earthquakes – hurricane – wind – typhoon – frozen – barrenness of the soil - flood …- consequences on fauna and flora: variety - adaptation - migration- way of life: food, jobs, sports, ….These scientific studies will be exchanged (internet, mails, meetings)Children will have the opportunity to carry out experiments simultaneously, with photo/video exchange.A little dictionary with common phrases we use in each language from everyday life, and words used by pupils during the work will be realizedAt the end a common product (CD) will be realized.It will be also interesting that synthesis are realized by small groups of students from different Countries. In this way, we think we will awakened the curiosity of the students and have given them the opportunity to begin establish a relationship. The aim of all of this is to know one another better, in view of the development of interpersonal, inter cultural, social and civic competences.During the meetings the knowledge of the Educational System of every countries and the methods used by teachers will be deepened. The project is documented on the website to promote experience transfer.

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