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Climate Governance: Implementing public policies to calculate and reduce organisations' carbon footprint (LIFE Clim'Foot)
Start date: Sep 1, 2015, End date: Aug 31, 2018 PROJECT  FINISHED 

Background The European Union has a set of objectives and policies to mitigate climate change and to shift towards a resource-efficient, low-carbon and climate-resilient economy. These objectives require the involvement of all European stakeholders with the support of national policymakers. The EU Emissions Trading System (ETS) has led to the development of national policies targeting the most polluting industries by calculating their direct greenhouse-gas emissions. However, no common framework has been proposed for reaching less-polluting organisations, for which evaluation of indirect emissions is important as a basis for reducing their global environmental footprints. Because of the complexity of assessing indirect emissions, only a few countries have implemented public policies in this area, even though there is demand from organisations for such schemes and support. Objectives The main objective of the Clim'Foot project is to support the implementation of public policies that will give public and private organisations incentives to calculate and reduce their carbon emissions. The sub-objectives are: To launch a European network around the concept of the Carbon Footprint of Organisations (CFO) in accordance with EU requirements, especially the Single Market for Green Products initiative; To develop a capacity-building programme to train national policymakers in the implementation of public policies for both calculating and reducing the CFO; To demonstrate the value of country-specific material for enhancing the involvement of local organisations in implementing carbon mitigation plans, based on a common EU framework; To bring together the whole value chain – from policymakers to investors – at EU level to implement efficient mitigation plans that will both improve their environmental footprint and boost their competitiveness. Expected results: The creation of a cooperation platform composed of five national toolboxes that will be used for implementing five national public policies to reduce CFO; The training of five national policymakers in the design and implementation of national public policies on CFO; The development of country-specific material that will underpin the design and implementation of public policies, in particular the creation of end-user training tools and national databases; The implementation of five national public policies in France, Greece, Croatia, Italy and Hungary that will help public and private organisations to calculate and/or reduce their carbon footprint. These public policies will consist of voluntary programmes that will involve at least 90 organisations; Matching of investors with organisations looking for funding to reduce their carbon footprint; The training of at least 30 European policymakers (from the consortium) in preparation for the replication and transfer of the project results; and The publication of at least 15 articles and five presentations of the project (including the organisation of an international conference) directly targeting EU policymakers.
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