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"Climate change, a matter for us all"
Start date: Mar 1, 2015, End date: Feb 28, 2017 PROJECT  FINISHED 

The United Nations Earth summit of Rio in 2012 threw the light worldwide on today’s planetary major issues. Heads of States (193 states) gathered to evoke and work on an inclusive green economy as well as on the institutional framework of Sustainable Development. It is urgent to deal seriously with the problems at stake not to face irreparable consequences. However, Sustainable Development is a very complex and vast notion which sometimes overshadows certain priorities. Thus The United Nations also organize conferences on climate (Copenhague in 2009,Durban in 2011).The next one will take place in Paris in 2015 with a great concern: negotiate on a demanding international and universal future agreement on climate change after 2020. The European Union has already committed in particular to the strategy framework “Europe 2020”. It has also adopted the Climate Energy package (energy common policy and fight against climate change) and has undertaken a reflection on transitioning towards a green economy low in carbon emissions and has accepted the challenge to reduce greenhouse gas emissions as well. Our project "Climate change, a matter for us all" addresses well the issues at stake and corresponds to today’s dynamic. The framework is obviously on a much smaller scale and is based on the following idea: European citizens have a major role to play in reducing global warming effects and greenhouse gas emissions. That is why we have undertaken a project of cooperation between four youth organizations involved in Sustainable Development. Partnerships are situated on more or less remote, rural , mountainous territories which have visibly been affected by climate change. Through this project ( Turskish , French, Italian and Spanish) with various but complementary backgrounds (instructors, searchers , professors, teachers organizers , mission representatives….) aim at working on educational activities in order to sensitize young generations to climate change and share accessible information, in other words, less abstract , more realistic, precise and understandable knowledge. Indeed our project includes specific activities and productions such as the creation of pedagogic tools to inform the young on climate change, as well as the creation of an Internet platform or an internet video game. Innovation is at the heart of the project, not only is it difficult to find educational material to sensitize on climate change but it is very rare to talk about climate change through activities linked to exemplary local initiatives of European countries. Therefore all the productions will have that added value, given the implementation of concrete actions within the various territories involved in the project. Make young people aware of that notion, which is quite far from the daily preoccupations of citizens is also one of the great challenges of that project. Understanding that aspect is an indispensable foundation on which one can build a well–reasoned Europe which will be more responsible in terms of environment and the human health of future generations. Thus, the project is based on professional training, innovating creations and, intrinsically, important implementation. It aims at expanding and developing its geographic range of actions. "Climate change, a matter for us all" will be based on an experimental and participatory approach to promote the understanding and the dynamic of young people and adults. First our action will include participants, organizers, instructors or beneficiaries of the project at regional scale. But its objective is to increase the number of persons concerned on a Europe-wide bases. This strategic project of partnership between professionals in charge of educational activities also aims at raising awareness about climate change thanks to the creation of innovative a pedagogic tool which does not exist at the moment, but which is the result of knowledge, competence, concrete experiments on different European territories. This two-year work on cooperation between various citizens on the European territory should be the spearhead that enhances the future sensitization at a much greater scale.

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