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CLIL przyszłością nauczania
Start date: Jun 1, 2016, End date: May 31, 2018 PROJECT  FINISHED 

The key role of a project entitled „CLIL przyszłością nauczania” is to prepare the teaching staff of Maria Skłodowska-Curie Second High School in Końskie (lub Second High School in Końskie) to implement bilingualism into the organization’s curriculum, which will consequently meet the requirements of modern teaching in XXI century. The project will be participated by the teachers, head mistress and main accountant of the school. Project objectives: The strategic objective of the project is to acquire knowledge and expand resources in terms of bilingualism and to increase the cultural competence of its participants, and thus the organization. Furthermore, the project assumes introducing the concept of lifelong learning and personal development as well as upgrading school’s positioning in the district and province.The number and profile of participants: The project is participated by the teachers and the headmistress of the school who promote bilingualism and open-minded attitude towards multiculturalism. In their every day work they initiate actions which aim is to enable their students to meet people of different cultures. It is effected by inviting guests from all around the world to school’s premises during which visits the students have a chance to communicate both in English and German languages.Description of activities: The project assumes participation in courses preparing participants to teach in CLIL environment, as well as expanding language, methodological and intercultural competence. Methodology of the project: The project will be effected in two rounds: the first one assumes teacher trainings during courses and the second one the cooperation of teachers participating in the project based on sharing knowledge and experience gained in the first process, which will allow teachers to prepare materials essential in teaching in CLIL method. Further step will be to familiarize interested teachers with the materials and improving the teaching methods throughout the whole period of their introduction.Description of results and the impact: The effect of the project will be well-educated teaching staff who thanks to gained skills and knowledge will be able to successfully implement CLIL method into the organization’s curriculum. Moreover, both the teachers as well as the organization itself will enrich themselves with innovative methods used while teaching process in European countries. That shall positively influence on perception of the school by local society but also increase its prestige in province and region. The changes introduced in school will be an example of good practices that will promote the school in the region.Long-term benefits: Benefits that will result from the project effected will be visible not only immediately after its implementation but will also have a long-standing positive influence. The organization will become more competitive and attractive to potential candidates thanks to the CLIL approach embedded into curriculum. It is expected that school enrollment will increase in the years following the introduction of bilingualism to the curriculum. In addition, this will enable and encourage students to take bilingual Matura exam and successfully pass it. Finally, the project will initiate changes and motivate teachers to educate themselves in CLIL.

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