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“CLIL methodology: sharing different perspectives” / Metodología CLIL: compartiendo diferentes perspectivas.
Start date: Jun 1, 2015, End date: May 31, 2016 PROJECT  FINISHED 

Project background Our center is the Primary School "Cerro Alto ", which is located in Espartinas, a small town 12 km from Seville, in the south of Spain. We are a staff of 38 teachers and a total of 700 students with a medium -high socio- economic status. The main feature is that it is a relatively new center since it was created in the year 2008, so we are still growing. All the teachers are so motivated to contribute towards the growth of the center, for example, teacher training and use of all possible resources such as bilingual education and the use of new technologies. In our School, Science, PE and Art are taught in English (CLIL) and due to the demands of teachers, and some factors to consider heading into this yea, one idea was the formation and improvement of bilingual methodology (CLIL), we have decided to apply for this project "CLIL methodology: sharing different perspectives ". Participants We are 38 school teachers and 700 students because all knowledge, experiences, methodologies and resources will be shared with the entire school teachers and will be launched with a strategic plan to improve the skills of the students. Bilingual team will have a greater role. They are seven teachers, five of them with B2 level and two of them C1 level, everyone on the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages. We also have two teachers of English which have the title of graduates in teaching English. Activities 1. Analysis and evaluation of the different methodologies which have been implemented in order to teach CLIL in the School. 2. Sharing between teachers in order to detect weaknesses and deficiencies. The teacher who takes the course will have a clear view of the center's needs. 3. Preparation concerning travel to attend the training activity. 4. Take part in the course "Content and Language Integrated Learning (CLIL)" in Edinburgh School of English, course in the summer of 2015. 5. Feedback to the colleges when the teacher comes to Spain in September with the new content acquired. 6. Implementation in the classroom. Methodology The methodology will be active, participative, collaborative (with the rest of the teachers in the school and with different teachers who take the course), significant, that is based on previous experiences and interests, and open to learn new insights and approaches to different methodologies. Outcomes and Impacts Publicize and incorporate the results of the training are the main objectives of the dissemination of the project, so the following activities will be undertaken. 1. Exhibition at Faculty and School Board of learning outcomes acquired during the course, for greater involvement of all people who make the education system. 2. Sharing information with the bilingual team, which integrate new knowledge into their teaching practices form. 3. Information on the activity performed by the school´s website for families to be aware of the activities being undertaken and to motivate and closer to the European dimension from which we are working. 4. Sharing with the various centers of the town, by a joint meeting of bilingual education, and create new partnerships. 5. Publication of results at the Platform of Erasmus +. Moreover, the impact will lie both the teaching staff and pupils will benefit in the newly acquired skills in teaching the English language and its culture, by updating the methodology, materials, instruments and techniques of teaching. Long-term benefits With this project, we are promoting in our school community a greater European dimension that enables the following years further progress in achieving common European projects. We also look for the improvement of the teaching practices, their language skills, the English level of the students and their motivation towards School. Definitely, we will improve the quality of the education system.
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