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"CLIL" je náš cíl!
Start date: 01 Jul 2016, End date: 30 Jun 2018 PROJECT  FINISHED 

The project of our school - Gymnazium Jesenik- called "CLIL" is our Goal! mainly focuses on learning content through an additional language (foreign or second), on implementation of new and innovative methods into teaching and on support and development of foreign languages in our school. The goals of our project clearly correspond with the strategic plan of development of our school, which reflects the needs of our region suffering from high levels of unemployment and difficult transport services. If we develop above mentioned competences of teachers and via them of students as well, we will support their professional and personal development which will enable their better and more reliable employment in society of European dimension – their internationalization. Additionally, our project also have a European format as the integration of a foreign language into other subjects will be directly used by foreign students (Danish) studying in our school under the cooperation of students´ exchanges. This cooperation came after the Comenius project of School Partnership in years 2011-2013.Our goal is to enable our teachers of different subjects, whose knowledge of English reached at least B1 level, to take part in methodological courses focusing on CLIL, so that they will be able to teach some part of their subject in English. This form of work is a natural way of working with real content which also develops communicative competences of students and teachers and thus makes them more successful on the labour market. The next goal is to send our language teachers to methodological courses to foreign countries where they can study new and innovative methods of teaching focused on using CLIL and ICT. Another advantage of taking part in such courses is a direct contact with the country of the language taught at school which enables to learn about new trends in the language and lifestyle development and it can be passed on to other teachers and to students at school. Eight experienced teachers will take part in the project. All of them believe in lifelong learning and they are keen on lifelong education. The teachers of general subjects have been studying a foreign language in their free time (attending courses or private lessons), so that the integration of their subject would be more natural. English language teachers will focus on implementation of new and innovative methods such as CLIL and ICT into teaching. One teacher will focus on her language competences in Spanish language which we would like to implement into our offer of foreign languages for our students under our strategic plan of supporting foreign languages. The project will be carried out in two stages (years), which enables a feedback after the first stage of the project and elimination of any negative sides of the project. After the training, the teachers will be able to teach some part of their subject in English, the English teachers will be able to implement new and innovative methods such as CLIL and ICT into their teaching and they will also bring new trends and methods. What is more, all the teachers taking part in the project will spread out their experience among other teachers at school but in case of interest also among other teachers in the region, who can also use some of these methods in their teaching or they can be motivated for their own lifelong education. A long term benefit of this project is implementing the CLIL method into teaching which can be successfully used during study stays of foreign students in our school as well. Another benefit is the motivation for the lifelong learning for other teachers at school and in the region, but in a way also the motivation for the students in our school as our teachers will set a good example.
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