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CLIL in Cumbria
Start date: Jun 1, 2015, End date: May 31, 2016 PROJECT  FINISHED 

All our teachers are primary teacher. They have at least 3 years of experience working in this school. We work with IPC, that means that we teach subjects like history, geography etc. in projects and most of this subjects we try to teach in English. All teachers followed a English course and most of them have a Cambridge 1th certificate. They followed a couple of workshops about making a lesson into CLIL given by the Language coordinator. They need more knowledge about language acquisition and CLIL. More skills to use in the classroom and more confidence of their own English. Our Goals: Teachers feel able to and have confidence in using the English language in different subjects of the school. Teachers have new knowledge, ideas and skills to make and give their lessons in English. Teachers know how to make their lessons applying their knowledge of language acquisition. Teachers are confident to use the language themselves and to give the lessons in English. Teachers use English in different subjects and during the day, up to 4 hours a week. Learning outcomes CLIL in Cumbria course: By the end of the course delegates will have • explored the basic principles behind CLIL teaching; • experienced at first hand many active learning strategies and techniques and considered how these might be adapted their own teaching and contexts; • had the opportunity to improve their fluency in English and increase their confidence in using English in the classroom; • will have explored ways of encouraging pupils to use English in the classroom; • will have worked on projects (planning, development of materials, etc) of their choice; • will have had a truly “British” experience with emphasis on enhancing their own intercultural awareness. The Project: Measure time and activities in English October 8 2015 Making personal goals October 8 2015 Evaluating goals and lessons in English. January 14 2016 Making personal and school goals for the CLIL course. Evaluating lessons in English. Preparing lessons to develop in the course. March 31 2016 CLIL in Cumbira April 25,26,27 20116 Discussing learning in England, present (give) the lessons made in England to all the teachers (especially the ones who didn’t go). May 17 2016 Measure time an activities in English May 23-27 2016 Evaluating time and activities, learning goals, personal goals and school goals. Setting new ones for next year. Celebrating our learning! June 23 2016 Visiting other teachers. Teachers in the school visit each other and give them feedback. Whole year. Language coordinator shares experiences and learning outcomes with the bigger organisation (stichting) in the coordination meetings.

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