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CLIL (Content and Language Integrated Learning) Metodolojisinin Farklı Disiplinlerde Uygulanması
Start date: Dec 31, 2015, End date: Dec 30, 2016 PROJECT  FINISHED 

Our school has performed Comenıus School Portnership project between 2012-2014 this is the first AB project we have ever had since our school was founded. Via this project our shool has had a chance to see what we have lack of. As an example both , our teachers and students have some weak points in English. This issue will be discussed by Strategic Planing and Coordination Project Team between 2015-2019 with School Devoloping Plan and this plan has forced us to come up with an idea of that project. So we have decided to study Content and Language Integrateg Learning Methodology because we need to provide our language skills and teaching techniques and tools. CLIL methodology can be identified such a method that has language in all parts of it Physics, Maths Art Music can be taught using their own language. It can be accepted as a continued progress of “Comunicative Method “ and also the next step of it . This method is very popular in Europe these days and used intensively countries such as Finland, Belgium and Spain. As a result we have chosen Spain as one of the partners CLIL method so well. Our co-partner has carried out this tecnique for years and given the lectures of Economy Entrepreneurship and Philosophy using that methodology. Our first and the most important aim is to show and teach how to carry out CLIL methods into our lessons. We also want to learn how our co-partner schools use methods and tools of the Methodology and then we would like to ask for their experiences , advices, observations for passing what we have learned from them to our collegues. There are some experienced teacher in our co-partner schools. Some of them also give lectures of the university of Lugo. Our participant teachers are going to study between 28th March – 1st April 2016, for five days IES Nosa Señora dos Ollos Grandes Lugo city, Spain. They are going to learn CLIL methods, sources and tools. They will also have a chance to visit the classes having benefit form methods. They will ask for knowledge and ecperience. Our total number will be 6 at most including for different fields. Or participants will be chosen from the fields of science, language, verbal and visual subjects. The principle of our school is going to coordinate when the time comes. Participants are going to improve their language skills besides learning new techniques and tools. Befor mobility, they are going to participate 60 hours total language course and they are going to practise at IES Nosa Señora dos Ollos Grandes school. Our teacher will be informed about the European education system, compare our system with the European one, see the differences and similitaries between us and them. Meanwhile we will have some deals and shares about our experiences we had had with our ex-partners of European Comenius Project. We are looking forward to making new deals and cooperation with you. We are all planning to do things we have mentioned above. Our Project is going to have some advantages about, -Giving detailed information about CLIL methodology, how to carry it out and get progress -Use those methods at school using new techniques and tools -Informing other teachers with slides, DVD records, videos and photos at the conference hall. -In school activity plan (2015-2019) having some contributions after the usage of these methods. -Contributing our students’ language and cultural developments -Helping our students to give confidence for their personal develeopment on the way of EU citizen -Meeting and dealing different cultures, religions and having a relationship between those cultures mutually -Fulfilling our students’ need for being enterprising cooperative respectful -Contributing our school’s experiences for our EU projects now and then.
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