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CLIL at SZŠ a VOŠZ Plzeň
Start date: Sep 1, 2016, End date: Dec 31, 2017 PROJECT  FINISHED 

The project "CLIL at SZŠ and VOŠZ Pilsen" stems from the need to start using CLIL and thus improve teaching, to achieve better results at school-leaving examinations graduations, succeed in evaluating the quality criteria by the Czech School Inspection.The project aims to develop the skills of teachers regarding CLIL including presentation methods including their wide application at school, changing methods and forms through self-reflection of the current work of teachers, new information and knowledge in the field of education in intercultural contexts, developement their own language skills of teachers, gaining insight into the issue of the cultural heritage of Malta with its bilingual environment and create a personal development plan for each participantThe school realises one activity divided into five cycles. The selection team selects 10 teachers of the school who are interested in CLIL and active approach to further education teaching staff. Teachers having level of English according to the requirements for course participants ie. B1 and higher teachers with active participation in local and international activities of the Erasmus + organized by schools, positive results of observations in the use of current methodologies, readiness to make recommendations to the integration of CLIL in the SEP and the teaching of their subjects, readiness to actively disseminate the results after completion of mobility, active interest in eTwinning, and readiness to engage in eTwinning project and previous knowledge about KA1 - mobility of staff in schools program ERASMUS +.The project will have one activity divided into five cycles involving the preparation of participants, getting to know the cultural heritage of Malta, the creation of an eTwinning and Facebook project site, their own course on the CLIL methodology, networking by usage of Facebook sites of ETI, respectively plugging into the network of European projects, METHODS, TOOLS, CLIL4U, further education through three months of free access to the e-learning platform of ETI, writing articles into the school online magazine, acquaintance of their colleagues with acquired skills and knowledge, design of integration of CLIL into their own teaching and SEP, a presentation on eTwinning through social networks and on the school Facebook website and ongoing evaluation of the project.The results of the project include knowledge, skills and competencies that participants acquire or will improve in them as an overview on the use of CLIL, learning the methods of student assessment and methods for creating educational materials for teaching using CLIL, gaining new knowledge about the cultural heritage of Malta with its bilingual language environment, active usage of Europass Mobility and Europass - Language Passport. Participants should develop their approach in the acceptance of the European idea, a positive attitude to the project work and further education of teachers.The expected impact on the participants are new methods and teaching knowledge and skills in CLIL, changes in methods and forms of education through self-reflection of their past work, new information and knowledge in the field of education in intercultural contexts, development of their own language skills of teachers, gaining insight into the issue of cultural Heritage of Malta with its bilingual environment, higher motivation for further education of teachers, integration into international networks, increasing knowledge of ERASMUS +, developing a sense of European belonging and mastering work platform eTwinning.Impact on the organization is expected in the form of innovation SEP and modules on VOŠZ integrating CLIL, the higher the quality of teaching by using attractive and effective methods of teaching, better learning outcomes taught, improved assessment Czech School Inspection, increased attractiveness of the school possessing teachers with experience abroad, in the form of ian nternational promotion of school networking and thus attracting more potential not only for international project work, improvement of outcomes in school-leaving examinations and graduations at SZŠ a VOŠZ through the use of CLIL in the classroom.Expected impact on the target group consisting of teachers of SZŠ VOŠZ Plzeň is popularization of CLIL, motivation for self-education, inspiration for teachers' own learning and familiarization with current methodical and didactic trends in their subject.
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